Tribute Book Questions… Let me answer that for you!

Wow! Thank you all for the AMAZING feedback!

We’ve really been getting a ton of great emails and questions about the Tribute Book, and I know a lot of you might have some of the same questions.

So, I created this video that will answer some the most common questions we’ve had.

[flv: 620 340]

I’m sure this quick video is going to clear up any concerns you may have… So, make sure to pre-order your Tribute Books right away, before pre-orders are sold out (looks like only a few days left)!

To celebrate the release of the Tribute Book, now is your chance to save on shipping costs. This special will only be available for pre-orders. Time is running out…

…The Tribute Book will sell out in days. If you have any interest at all, act now and make sure you aren’t left behind!

We are also offering a risk free money back guarantee. If the Tribute Book doesn’t live up to it’s name – return it within 30 days, no questions asked.

P.S. If I didn’t answer your question in the video, feel free to leave your question as a comment below. We’ll do our best to make sure that all questions are answered.

Joe Joachim


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  1. Bill M.

    Joe. Thanks for the video! This is really great and I can’t wait to start offering this to my families. It is about time someone created a register book that families would actually enjoy and use for years on. Keep up the great work Joe! Bill

  2. Susan Carroll

    Love it!!!!!!!! My directors can’t wait to receive the shipment! Any way to get it shipped early? I feel like a kid at Christmas…. LOL

  3. Jim

    Joe, Thanks for providing answers to many of my questions. My families are going to appreciate having something they’ll never stuff away. It also allows me to provide something new and inspiring. I want to be the first in my area to offer these. Sign me up!

  4. Jay Michael

    Joe. What a wonderful and helpful video that will help educate an my staff. We are excited to be able to offer this tribute book that will compliment the tribute video’s that we provide for our clients. Thanks again for making a difference in the healing of our client families.

  5. John Manella

    Its about time… I’ve been waiting years for a product like this

  6. Megan S.

    I have seen a sample of the Tribute Books at the N.F.D.A. in New Orleans and will attest to the quality. This is not traditional registry books that will be tucked away to gather dust and pulled out occasionally. As mentioned in the video by Joey, the Tribute Book combines registry book, with memories and photos- this is the ultimate package that families can utilize daily to keep a loved one’s memory alive.
    We have already pre-ordered our Tribute Books and like Susan, would like to know if we can get them any earlier. We are so excited to have this opportunity to provide our families with yet another great product from Funeral One. Good job Joey and team, you have amazed us once again!!!

  7. Lori H.


    All I can say is.. THANK YOU!

    Once again, you have shown the funeral industry the impossible and made it possible! I’m so excited to be able to give our families this wonderful memorial.

  8. Kim Stacey

    Your video really clears up some questions I had – and let’s face it: funeralOne has done it again! Your approach – which focuses on “Honoring and Celebrating” the life lived, is refreshing, and very engaging…
    and your “ease-of-creation” is another hallmark of funeralOne.

    Thanks so much for everything you do to help funeral homes across the country – and around the world – differentiate themselves from their competitors!

  9. Pamela Shipman

    Joe, probably the first thing my directors do is put the book out, before I even get to produce anything for it because people are always walking in to sign it as soon as they hear of the death. I was thinking how nice it would be it you already had the sign in sheets, (Friends and Family) produced for us so all I would have to do is make sure that several of these pages were in the books when they come in. They are all the same for every book from what I have seen. That would be a time saver for us and be ready to go while I am working on the other pages to customize it to that particular family. Just a thought. Also I have the plastic holder for flower cards for gwen I need to send to her, they hold three flower cards and a picture of the flower. She wanted to see if they would fit into the new book. I am not sure how easy it will be to put the picture right into the book as the person actually taking the picture would have to be the same person who knows how to produce the pages and be sure to get who sent the flowers correctly. I am anxious to see just how what works. Anxious to get my order, Just bought a konica minolta 220 per page lease and love it, beautiful job on your folders etc. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to print quality cost effectively. Thanks for everything, pamela

  10. Martin Leatherwood

    Tribute book looks real nice. What is the cost per book?