Why Celebrating Like The Irish Should Be An Everyday Activity At Your Funeral Home

The Irish sure know how to throw an amazing celebration… St. Patrick’s Day is a great testament to that. Whether they’re laughing, drinking, singing, yelling (or, most likely, doing a combination of all of above), one thing is for certain: no one celebrates life and lives it to the fullest quite like the Irish do. […]

How To Bring Storytelling And Celebration Back Into The Funeral Home

As I walk into the funeral home for my friend’s visitation, I take a deep breath. I lock arms with a friend, and we begin to do the same visitation dance that hundreds of other mourners had already done that day. Hug the people who’ve gathered out in the hallways, desperate to escape the unfamiliarity […]

Funeral Celebrants Are Taking Over NFDA 2015 (And The World)

Here at funeralOne, there is nothing we love more than the opportunity to educate, excite and celebrate the funeral profession. This is why every year we look forward to October and one of our profession’s biggest educational conferences… The National Funeral Directors’ Association Conference. This year, NFDA 2015 was bigger and better than ever. After […]