5 Science-Backed & Sanity Saving Tips for a Stressed Funeral Director

Are you a funeral profession just peeking your head out of the cave for the first time since before the holiday season?

Chances are, you likely just stepped out of an incredibly busy, high stress time. In fact, we already know from science that there are 10% more deaths happening around the holidays than any other time of the year.

That’s probably not news to you, but we want to know… how are you handling it all? How are you coming out of it?

We’ve been studying stress and its effects on the body for years now, and we’ve found that when your body undergoes stress for a consistent, extended period of time, it was debilitating effect on your your body, your weight, sleep, relationships, memory, and the list goes on…

So, how do we stay productive in our roles, without burning out or letting the effects of fatigue overtake us?

Here is a simple 5-part process, called the RESET method, from one of the most powerful women in business today, Marie Forleo.


R – Review your day and plan breaks in advance.

Did you know that humans are most productive when we move between states of high focus, and intermittent rest? That means you can’t be full-on all the time. So how to manage? Marie recommends planning your day,  including your work day, the night before.

According to research, if you decide in advance where and when you’ll take a specific action, you can double or triple your chances of meeting that goal. And this includes planning in advance when you’ll rest. How many breaks should you take? Science suggests taking a 5 to 15 minute break every 90 minutes of dedicated focus time.


E – Make it easy to remember

This involves making taking your breaks a no-brainer. Put them in your calendar, set notifications, or even a timer. If you’re anything like me, when you get into extreme focus mode, you’re in the zone. Sometimes I even forget to eat or shower I get so focused. So this tip has really helped me. I often use a Google timer, set it for 90 minutes, get focused, then after 90 minutes, I take my break. Super simple!


S – Step away from the screen

No email. No social media. No web surfing. Put down the phone. Close your computer! Why? A study done by researchers at the University of Illinois and George Mason found that “reading websites and checking email taxes many of the same mental processes that we use when we’re working, which actually makes fatigue worse.” What should you do instead?


E – Exersate (exercise and hydrate)

It’s just as important to hydrate as it is to exercise, so let’s cover hydration first. According to OKON’s performance laboratory, dehydration can negatively affect concentration, reaction time, memory, mood. It can also cause headaches, fatigue and anxiety. So, drinking a big tall glass of water (actually, at least a recommended 8 of them daily) is pretty important!

After you’re properly hydrated, then it’s time to move your body! Get outside in nature, take a walk around the block, do some stretching, or take a dance break. Even a fun little 5-minute dance to your favorite song in the office (preferably with the door closed) will do the trick. The key to this movement is to change your state, and help you shake off any excess stress regularly.


T – Tune back in

Once you’ve walked, stretched or danced, tune back into the project you were doing, or the next project on your list. Remember, where your intention goes, your energy flows. So it’s important to redirect your cognitive energy back into focus mode once you’ve taken your break.


Watch the full video of Marie Forleo covering the RESET Method below:

Want to go deeper?

While the RESET Method definitely works, we haven’t even begun to talk about all the benefits of meditation or naps. If you want to go deeper into your journey of mental health, check out one of these posts below, or tell us in the comments that you want to see more of this content and we’ll create more blogs about it!


We want to hear from you. What are some strategies that have helped you get more done in less time, with less burnout? Tell us in the comments below!

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