The #1 Healing Tool

So far, I’ve talked about The 3 Laws of Healing Experiences and Offering Healing Experiences vs. Memorial Products.

Now (drum roll, please) I’m going to share with you the easiest way you can start creating healing experiences.

Tribute Videos. That’s right.

A tribute video passes the ‘test’ with flying colors. Here’s why.

1. Does it stimulate – and help families capture – memories?

YES! Aside from the tribute video itself, just the process of the family gathering the photos together invokes memories and emotions that help begin the healing process. This creates an environment where families will reflect and share memories behind the photos, which helps them remember the entire life lived rather than focusing on their recent loss. I went through this recently myself, and can personally validate the importance of going through this process; it not only helped me, but everyone who was involved. Here’s the story…

When my grandfather died, several family members –including me –were together to go through everyone’s photos. I learned things about my Grandfather that I never knew. It was also amazing how my mother, grandmother, and aunt were able to add a different angle or piece to the story around the photo. This gave not only me an understanding, but also added to everyone’s collective understanding and reflection…everyone added to each story making it more complete. We all laughed. We all cried. And being part of that experience is something I’ll never forget.

2. Does it create a positive environment during the services?

YES! A tribute video takes the conversation from the ordinary, into the extraordinary – it creates deep connections, by moving the conversation from “I’m sorry for your loss” to something more personal and meaningful such as “I never knew…” or “I remember when…”

This is so different from the typical experience, where you sign the guestbook, tell the family how sorry you are for their loss, maybe pause for a few moments near the flowers and memorial items, and you’re out the door. You feel a bit better because going was simply the “right thing to do.” But did you feel connected to the others in the room? Probably not.

When you add a tribute video to the event, everything changes. What if you saw a picture of you in the video? Or what if you saw a picture of that loved one holding your baby (who is now 18 years old)? How much more connected would you feel? Think of the photos in that video – most of them you would not have seen before. You’ll see experiences and even entire areas of that person’s life that you never know about. A tribute video brings people together, stimulates memories, and beautifully illustrates the impact that person’s life had on others. Instead of leaving “emptier,” you’re able to leave feeling enriched, inspired, and appreciative.

3. Does it connect the family to the larger community?

YES! The conversations around the tribute video add connections. When it’s put online for friends and family to view and comment upon, the connections expand exponentially.

So far, we’re three for three. Not bad. I’m not the only one who knows that a tribute video is the #1 healing tool in funeral service – lots of funeral professionals have come to that same conclusion on their own – from experience. Here are just a few comments I’ve heard:

“Our families are so appreciative of the wonderful memories we are able to capture and display for them through the videos we do.”

“A video tribute playing during a visitation, a reception, or a funeral service generates an overwhelming response from the families that we serve, as well as the visitors to our funeral home.”

“Being able to provide such a personal tribute for the people of our community adds irreplaceable meaning and value to their funeral experience.”

That brings up another point. The healing value of the tribute video doesn’t stop with the service – it goes on and on… because as a treasured keepsake, it continues to bring memories of happier times to life for years to come.

When family and friends watch the tribute video at home, it brings up the memories of that lost loved one and allows them to reflect on that life lived. But it does even more: it keeps your firm “top-of-mind,” in that they will also think about the days after the loss, the services you provided, and how you helped them through those difficult times.

Tribute Videos. Truly a win-win proposition.

Bottom line: a tribute video is the #1 healing tool available to your families, it’s critical to the healing process, and should be mandatory for every family that you serve.

Next week, I’m revealing the 4 steps you can use to ensure your overall success in bringing more ‘healing’ into your services. Don’t miss it!

Joe Joachim


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  1. Vince Strano

    Our families really love the tribute videos. I never thought of it as the beginning of healing but as I think of it more I do agree with you. Thank you for a great product in the tribute video as well as our web casting. The families who take advantage of out web casting are blown away that this service is available.
    Our company is happy to be associated with funeral one.


    Vince Strano