The Best Sympathy Flowers To Support Families, According To Funeral Directors

Ahhh, funeral flowers. A big topic to address for those who aren’t sure where to begin. If you’re reading this and are trying to find the right flower to send to your loved one or their family, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a funeral director and curious about unique choices to offer […]

10 “Conscious Dying” Affirmations For The Ages

To die a conscious death is something we have an opportunity to do now in this modern world. We can plan for it, prepare for it, and talk about it to relieve our fears and worries. And thankfully there’s countless tools and resources available to us for this. Instead of talking about those resources today, […]

4 Funeral Pros Share Their Essential Lessons On Working With Families

Nothing speaks wisdom like hard earned lessons learned. And thankfully, these 4 funeral pros have some wisdom to share on one of the biggest topics right now… creating an unforgettable family (or customer) experience. Why waste any time? Let’s dive straight into the lessons from some of our favorite funeral pros out there:   Lesson […]

11 Reasons Becoming A Funeral Pro Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

Becoming a funeral professional never used to be a choice. In fact, in most cases, it was a duty to your family’s lineage. Most funeral homes were multi-generational and family based. Now, things have changed. People are actively choosing the funeral profession as their dream job. If you’re reading this, maybe you’re either in a […]

These 7 Experts Share How To Grow Your Funeral Business with YouTube

You’ve probably heard it before… YouTube is one of the most effective ways to grow your business, your reach, and your funeral home’s brand. Take Order of the Good Death, who started the series “Ask A Mortician” 10 years ago. She posted Episode One a decade ago (below)…  … and now she has nearly 2 […]

A Social Media Marketing Checklist for Funeral Pros

Getting started on social media at your funeral home is easier than you think. It might seem overwhelming at first, but if you take it one step at a time, we guarantee the overwhelm will disappear. That’s why we created a checklist for you. To take it ONE step at a time. Let’s not waste […]

Unique (And Free) Ways To Advertise Your Funeral Biz

Advertising your funeral home, it turns out, is not our reader’s favorite pastime 🤓. In fact, it’s far from it.  Most funeral pros feel completely clueless around funeral home advertising and marketing.  So much so, that they don’t even bother with it. Thankfully, advertising your funeral home doesn’t have to involve a huge budget, expertise, […]

8 Funeral Service Jargon Terms That Need To Die (Pun Intended)

Recently we polled our audience on Facebook about what their least favorite funeral service jargon terms were. This question was sparked as an attempt to bring language to the shifts occurring in this profession.  We saw a lot of the same answers, and it helped us to come to a conclusion… It seems as we […]

30 (Science Backed) Ways To Connect to Joy In Grief

Sometimes the journey of grief can leave you feeling hopeless, lost, overwhelmed and contracted. And in these moments, joy feels like a distant friend. Thankfully, there are hundreds of tiny ways you can connect with joy in your journey of grief… literally, hundreds! So we bring you 30 ways we personally love to connect to […]

Why Intimacy With Death Is Necessary for a Healthy Life

Death.  The news we all fear to hear of one day. The final destination we certainly don’t wish for. Yet, death is the most inevitable part of life. We love how Dr. Richard Kalish describes the way our society currently views death: Death is blasphemous and pornographic. We react to it and its symbols in […]