11 Aspects of Funeral Directing That Are Spookier Than Haunted Tales

This Halloween, instead of telling spooky stories like we normally would, we want to speak to some of the less spooky, yet still incredibly relatable things that can totally happen as a funeral professional.

We hope you can at least get a good laugh out of them, and bring this laughter into your Halloween.



Direct cremation with no service.

Ain’t nothing scarier than not being able to offer someone a level of service you’ve been trained to offer for… oh you know, generations. 


A service call at 2am

Just when you drift off to sleep… RING RING!!!!! Talk about a jolt to the system.


A morning without coffee.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way you’re getting through everything you have to do today with a smile on your face without coffee. Especially with 2am calls. 


A funeral profession without innovation.

Can you imagine if we all just remained the same? If we never changed? That’s what I like to call, irrelevance caused by stubbornness.


A 1-star review

And especially one based on the color of a loved one’s nail polish. Is that really justified?


A forgotten pacemaker

Nothing creates fireworks like a forgotten pacemaker.


The way we’re portrayed through the media.

Our 6 Feet Under days are over!!!! Please!

A forgotten detail that the family requested.

Anyone still have nightmares about that one request they forgot to do for the family? 


Any kind of machine or stretcher malfunction.

Especially one that happens in a public space. Yikes.


Delays. Of any kind.

Is there anything worse than a delay making you look bad? Probably not.


A hypercritical family.

You did your best, but you can’t read people’s minds. 

What’s the spookiest aspect of funeral service for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Andrea Horn

    The one that upsets me the most is when the deceased siblings come in to make arrangements and tell me he is not married, and then we find out afterward he was married! Been separated for years, but still married. Wife calls upset that no one informed her.