The Danger Of Not Owning Your Funeral Home Domain Name

View image | The internet has changed the way that businesses do everything. A traditional storefront with your name on the sign used to be the only thing you needed to draw families in to your funeral home and build a good reputation in your community. But now you’re now expected to have social […]

How To Steal Your Competitor’s Funeral Home Website Traffic

With more than a billion websites online and many different ways for this generation’s tech-savvy, research-first consumers to find new businesses, competition is fierce in nearly every profession. And the funeral profession is no exception. Getting potential families to your website (rather than your competitors’) can make a huge difference to your bottom line. And […]

Transform Your Funeral Marketing With These 35 Amazing Tools

Does the thought of marketing your funeral home online make you think of time, money and effort you don’t have? If so, you’re not alone. Many funeral homes mistakenly think that online funeral marketing is an expensive, complicated and challenging process. But the truth is, marketing your funeral home online won’t cost you a lot […]

These 40 Statistics Will Change The Way You Do Funeral Marketing

The way funeral homes do marketing has changed drastically over the last ten years. Heck, it’s even safe to argue that it’s changed drastically since LAST year. We already know that our families have changed, and that the way we used to market to them is no longer relevant (if you’re not sure why, be […]

36 Ideas to Breathe Life into Your Funeral Home’s Marketing

No one wants to call their baby ugly. But let’s face it, some funeral marketing out there is pretty awful. In a recent post titled “Has Funeral Marketing Lost Its Way?” I prompted funeral homes to ask themselves why funeral marketing has such a bad rep. In that post, I gave examples of some pretty […]

11 Top-Secret Google Searching Tips and Tricks

  If you’ve ever seen me perusing Google in my office at funeralOne, you’d probably notice that I have about 500 web pages open and I  tend to click through them faster than your eyes can keep up with. Almost every time someone witnesses that, their first question is usually something along the lines of […]

28 Eye-Popping Stats that Reveal the Future of Funeral Marketing

“…the Internet has turned what used to be a controlled, one-way message into a real-time dialogue with millions.” – Fast Company The Decline of Traditional Marketing As the Baby Boomers continue to flock to the Internet, the marketing channels we’ve always used are becoming less effective and more irrelevant. The decline of traditional or “outbound” […]

Why SEO is Critical to Your Funeral Home Website

When you’re searching for things on Google, Bing or Yahoo, which search results do you click? Chances are, you probably choose the links that are near the top of the search results page. And you’re not alone – in fact more than 50% of search engine clicks go to the #1 position. Do me a […]

5 Reasons Your Competitor’s Funeral Home Website is Better Than Yours

  Do me a favor and go to your funeral home website right now. Can you honestly say you’re proud of it? If not, I have some bad news for you… …your current website is probably turning business away. Even worse, your potential families are choosing your competitors because of their funeral home website. Here […]

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Funeral Business

Whether you are just getting the hang of social networking or have already dipped your toes in the water, there is always room for improving your online profiles to boost your funeral business. If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile already, it is time to jump on the bandwagon. Though some may feel that LinkedIn […]