25 Of The Most Amazing Funeral Songs Of All Time To Add To Your Playlist

What’s a great funeral service without music that celebrates the life of a loved one perfectly? We asked funeral directors across the country what their favorite funeral songs are, and the votes are in. Say goodbye to the typical bag pipes you’d hear at a funeral, because these top 25 funeral songs to play at […]

11 Amazing Funeral Personalization Ideas To Steal

Here at funeralOne, we believe that a funeral should be a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration of life…  that’s not a secret to anyone who knows us. From our websites to our products, we reject the idea of a boring, templated funeral that feels the same as every other service you’ve been to. Instead, we believe every […]

Watch Our Pet Memorial Tribute Video From ICCFA 2015

This past week, the funeralOne team headed out to San Antonio, Texas for ICCFA 2015. We love these conferences – they’re a really a great opportunity for us to connect with some of the leading innovators in the funeral profession, and also a chance for us to meet some of our amazing funeralOne clients face […]

10 Of The Most Beautiful Poems On Life And Death

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge sucker for poetry… And over the years, I’ve set aside quite a few poems and kept them in a secret folder in my desk at work. Today I want to share a few of my favorites with you that cover the most complex topics of all: […]

5 Myths Of Funeral Personalization Debunked

Funeral personalization is a hot topic. It’s generated buzz in just about every news outlet there is. And let’s just say it’s got the attention of more and more funeral homes who are on a mission to put the “fun” back in funerals. But like anything with real heat, it’s gotten a bit distorted. Somewhere […]

6 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Amp Up Your Funeral Personalization

When’s the last time you took a closer look at your funeral home’s personalization efforts? The truth is, most of us don’t. Instead, we offer the same type of “personalized funeral” we’ve been offering for years. And unfortunately, according to dozens of studies, surveys and articles, what we’re offering isn’t what families are looking for. […]

5 Funeral Homes Doing Personalized Services Right

It’s no secret, the demand for personalized funerals is exploding. And now that everyone says they are offering personalized services at their funeral home, I think the meaning of “personalization” has becomes muddled. In my opinion, a personalized service should celebrate or reflect the life in a way that’s meaningful to the loved one and […]

22 Tips For Creating Tribute Videos Your Families Will Cherish Forever

As a funeral director, you’ve probably creating many tribute videos in your day. Maybe it’s become a mundane task for you. Or, maybe you’re just in search of new ways to get creative with your tribute videos. Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll show you how to turn average tribute videos into stunning keepsakes […]

The Ultimate Funeral Personalization Checklist

If you’re the type of funeral director who embraces funeral personalization, you know it takes much more than just a pretty prayer card or a “King of Beers” casket. It takes time, effort and thoughtfulness. From start to finish, creating a personalized funeral involves quite a few steps – doing your research, preparing for the […]

NFDA 2012 Presents: Service of Remembrance

Join NFDA as we honor our funeral service colleagues and loved ones lost this year: [bitsontherun Y45DViQ2]   About NFDA Service of Remembrance Ceremony: Every year, NFDA International Convention and Exposition takes a moment to remember our funeral service friends and colleagues who have died in the last year. During the ceremony, we acknowledge the […]