ABC’s of Selling Sympathy Gifts & Flowers on Your Funeral Home Website


It’s not often that you can refer back to your 5-year-old self for life lessons. But as eCommerce presents a new opportunity to generate revenue and provide convenience, it’s important to know the basics!

Here are the ABC’s of selling sympathy gifts and flowers on your funeral home website:

A – Make sure you find an eCommerce provider that offers an affordable solution so you don’t have to sacrifice any of the services you currently offer your families to start selling sympathy gifts & flowers.

B – Be sure the branding of your store is consistent with the branding of your funeral home website (i.e. logo, colors, style, navigation).

C – Offer top-notch customer care representatives that are available by phone, live chat and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

D – Use detailed product descriptions so your website visitors know exactly what they are sending to the family suffering the loss of a loved one.

E – Make it easy for website visitors to find their way around your funeral home’s sympathy store from browsing gifts, to making a purchase.

F – Maintain a strong relationship with your local florist by selecting them as your preferred florist of choice.

G – Offer your shoppers guidance from trained sympathy advisors so they feel confident in their purchase.

H – Give your website visitors access to your eCommerce store from the homepage of your funeral home website and on every obituary.

I – Provide your website visitors with information regarding your shipping and return policies and answer their most commonly asked questions with an FAQ section.

J – Steer clear of using funeral profession jargon. The content and product descriptions should speak to the community and explain the comforting qualities in your products.

K – Be sure to keep your valuable website traffic on your site instead of sending them to another website to make a purchase.

L – Showcase products and images that inspire your website visitors to celebrate the life lived and encourage healing.

M – Try to minimize the amount of clicks required in the checkout process so it’s easier for your website visitors to buy.

N – Your website visitors should be able to easily navigate their way around your funeral home website and eCommerce store.

O – Add the on-site search function toward the top of the page so it’s visible and your website visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

P – Make sure your eCommerce store is safe and secure, and protects your website visitors’ personal and billing information.

Q – Offer quality sympathy gifts and flowers from respected brands and vendors.

R – Show your website visitors related products so they can compare all similar items and feel confident in their decision.

S – Don’t require your website visitors to sign up for an account in order to purchase sympathy gifts and flowers from your website.

T – Save your website visitors time by populating your funeral home address in the checkout process for delivery.

U – Your eCommerce store should feature a large selection of unique sympathy gifts that help celebrate the life lived in a memorable way.

V – Offer your website visitors a variety of payment options so they can select their preferred method and feel more comfortable making a purchase online.

W – Shorten the wait time for your website visitors with faster load times of the product pages and checkout pages.

X – Make sure your sympathy store offers gifts your website visitors are looking for so they don’t click the red “X” to exit your funeral home website and go on to another site to make their purchase.

Y – Choose an eCommerce provider with years of experience working in the funeral profession.

Z – Use high-quality product photos so your website visitors can zoom in to see details of the gift or flower arrangement.


Are you ready to start selling sympathy gifts and flowers on your funeral home website? The Sympathy Store by funeralOne is an effortless, FREE, way to start selling online. Click here to start selling sympathy gifts and flowers today!

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