10 “Conscious Dying” Affirmations For The Ages

To die a conscious death is something we have an opportunity to do now in this modern world.

We can plan for it, prepare for it, and talk about it to relieve our fears and worries.

And thankfully there’s countless tools and resources available to us for this.

Instead of talking about those resources today, we want to go back to the basics.

We want to provide food for your brain on death and loss. Food your mind can chew on and ease its tension around its demise.

A lot of these affirmations are inspired by the great thinkers of the ages such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ram Dass, Buddha, and more. 

These affirmations are universal in nature. They are not tied to one religion or spiritual path. We recommend taking what resonates and leaving what doesn’t. 

So without further adieu, here are 10 conscious dying affirmations for the ages:


Affirmation #1: When I contemplate my own death, I find more gratitude for this life.

It’s true. Death truly is what makes life so precious.


Affirmation #2: I may not know much about what happens after death… but I choose to stay open to this next great adventure.

We don’t know what happens when our time comes, but instead of fearing it, we can trust it.


Affirmation #3: When I accept that death is a necessary part of life, I feel at peace in my spirit.

Peace is only possible when we have acceptance for what is. Any form of avoidance perpetuates suffering.


Affirmation #4: Death’s permanence teaches me that the fleeting moments of life are gifts I choose to deeply cherish.

Life is fleeting. The small moments, the kisses, the sweet meals… they won’t last forever. So hold them close. Cherish them. Deeply.


Affirmation #5: Life and death are part of a cycle that exists in all things that are of the natural world, and I am a part of the natural world. 

Call me a spiritualist, but we are Earth! And when we die, we become a part of the Earth that fuels new life.


Affirmation #6: If birth and death are inevitable, and I choose to be in complete acceptance of these cycles that are life.

Similar to the affirmation above, death is but a cycle. An inevitable one. There’s no other way! So let’s find comfort in acceptance.


Affirmation #7: I see Death as a raindrop returning to the ocean. 

Inspired by the poem “Call Me by My True Name” by Thich Nhat Hanh, this has been by far the most helpful affirmation for me to visualize when I think about death.


Affirmation #8: I may die one day, but right now I am alive. And I choose to live fully by being fully  here, now.

As Ram Dass says, “BE HERE NOW”. The present is where the power is.


Affirmation #9: By planning for my own mortality, I liberate myself.

True liberation is when we free ourselves from suffering. And by not planning for our own mortality and time to go, we create more opportunities for suffering and pain.


Affirmation #10: When I leave this Earth, the love I leave behind will remain.

Our bodies WILL leave us, but the love will always remain. This affirmation has been so helpful for me when I’ve lost people I love deeply.


What death conscious affirmations are helping you right now? Share them in the comments below!

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  2. Heinrich Meurer

    “The first condition of immortality is death.” Stanislaw Lec

    By chance, I came up with a strange but, I hope, well-founded idea on how to have fun, excitement, and perhaps perspective on the occasion of my death. It should inspire atheists, agnostics, and anybody else to stage at least a fancy laser show on the occasion of their burial. And perhaps foster some thoughts on “live” after death. How this is meant to come about is explained very quickly here:
    I plan a cremation where the remains are not only the ashes and flue gases but also the light generated by the burning body. These are my photons! I plan to have them collected by a system of optical elements to increase their flux and feed them in a solar-pumped laser. The laser is not pumped by sunlight but by my photons/my light. The generated laser beam is sent into space and may carry any information on it as I choose. Consider this a brightly illuminated headstone traveling through interstellar space. Where are the Trekkies to join me in developing this idea? Patent is pending