6 Ways to Make the Right First Impression With Your Website

In my post Planning a Funeral: Before and After Web 2.0 I briefly touched on how families of today use funeral websites as resources when selecting funeral services. But let’s take a deeper look at what exactly it is families are looking for.

Thanks to the Internet, families are already forming opinions about you and your funeral firm, long before they ever step foot into your funeral home or speak with you on the phone. It’s your funeral website that makes the first impression. But how do you know if it’s making the right first impression?

How to make the right first impression with your website:

1. Your Content Must Create Connections. When a prospective family searches for funeral service providers and finds your website, first impressions determine how well you’ll connect with them. They will be more likely to engage if your content uses words that speak directly to what they care about. Focus on their needs first; feed in information about you as it applies.

2. Answer Their Questions. When a death occurs, many families don’t know where to turn for answers. Many will access the Internet to search for experts with helpful insights. This expert could be you. They want answers to questions about what to do when death occurs, the types of services offered and why a funeral service is important, as well as information about funeral etiquette.

3. Educate Families How to Celebrate Life. New generations of families question the value of funeral service because they are influenced by recollections of cookie-cutter services that failed to help them heal. Many times, they are unaware that a funeral service should celebrate the life lived and facilitate a healing experience for the living.

Showcase your offerings to educate them about the meaningful services you provide. Options such as personalization, ways to include those who cannot be physically present, and unique ceremonies are gaining popularity with families.

4. Provide Grief Resources. During the grieving process, many families feel lost, helpless, and confused. They want your advice and guidance, but are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask for help. Support your families during their grief journey by providing resources such as grief support groups, grief counseling, daily affirmation emails and interactive grief videos they can access online.

5. Allow Them to Share Memories. Dealing with the loss of a loved one can leave families feeling alone and isolated. While funeral service brings extended family, friends, and the community together to show their support, it’s only a static moment in time. Connect your families to those who care by providing a social memorial of their loved one.  Social memorials, such as memorial websites, offer family, friends and the community a place to connect, leave condolences, and share memories, photos, and videos in honor of their loved one.

6. Provide Convenience. It’s often difficult for family members, friends and the community to express their condolences. They want to continue to support the survivors of the loved one, but aren’t sure how. Eliminate their guesswork by incorporating a sympathy store right into your funeral website that features a selection of gifts that provide comfort and support healing.

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a very difficult and confusing time for your families. If you’re able to connect with them on a personal level and offer them helpful, informative resources with your website, that experience is going to create a lasting, meaningful impression on them…which I’d say is the right first impression you’re aiming for. Don’t you agree?

What are some other ways you’ve used your funeral website to serve your families? We’d love to hear from you! Share your comments below!

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