4 Items to Delete From Your Website Homepage Today!

When a prospective family searches for funeral services, their first impression is likely to be the homepage of your funeral website. However, statistics show that 75% of the visitors who come to your website to learn more, don’t end up contacting you.

That’s a scary fact! Your funeral firm website SHOULD be your most powerful marketing tool— attracting new families, educating them about the value of your services, and nurturing your long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, most funeral firms don’t optimize their websites for the families they serve. Your website content needs to focus on their needs first, and provide them information about your funeral firm only as it applies.

In order to do that, it would be in your best interest to remove the following items from your homepage:

1. Photos of Your Staff and Facilities

When a death occurs, the first place your families are likely to turn when researching funeral service information is the Internet. When they reach your homepage and see pictures of your staff and funeral firm facilities, it doesn’t connect with them. They want answers to questions about what to do when death occurs, the types of services offered and why a funeral service is important, as well as information about funeral etiquette. Instead, include a link on your homepage to an interior page featuring staff and facilities information.

2. Company History

The primary reason families visit your website is to find answers to their questions about the services you provide and how your firm can serve them in their time of need. If you provide your families with what they need, you’ll earn their trust and be on your way to building a relationship with them. I’m not saying you have to eliminate your firm’s history all together. However, that information should be secondary. Adding a link to an “About Us” page in your website navigation should suffice.

3. Outdated Events/Information

Keeping your funeral website up-to-date with current events and relevant information is critical to your website success. Since your homepage is the first impression you are likely to make on prospective families, you want to make the right impression and not lose your credibility. Be a trusted resource for anyone who visits your website. If it’s the holidays, offer some tips on how to cope with grief during the holiday season. Or keep an updated ongoing list of local grief support sessions.

4. Drab, Dreary Colors and Images

It’s no secret that dealing with the death of a loved one is an emotional time for your families. However, drab, dreary colors do not convey a sense of celebrating the life lived or encourage the creation of memories that will essentially help the living heal. Consider using brighter colors and comforting images to create an uplifting experience for your families engaging with your firm online.


Take a look around at some of your competitors’ websites. What are some things you like? What are some things you don’t like? And why? Share your comments below!

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