7 Blog Post Topics That Will Bring Families To Your Website


Funeral professionals (and business professionals, in general) constantly underestimate the power and importance of blogging.

Sure, to you it may seem like one more task on your mile-long to do list, or one more step you have to take in the digital space in order to keep up with today’s changing families. But the truth is, if you understood the value that a blog could bring to your funeral home, you would have started posting years ago.

A blog is one of the best tools out there when it comes to educating your families on the value of your services, bringing new families to your website, and helping to establish your funeral home as the top firm in your area. And the best part? Blogging is absolutely free. All you need is a website, some thoughts about funerals (we bet you have a few of those) and you have a successful marketing tool that goes directly from you to your families.

But now that you know how important blogging can be to your business, how can you be sure that your families will actually want to read the posts you are writing? Well, lucky for you, we’ve created a cheat sheet of funeral blog post topics that families are dying to read (pun intended) and will help attract new business to your website.

1. Event Announcements

If your funeral home regularly hosts events at your location, your blog is the perfect place to get the word out about upcoming holidays or gatherings and encourage your local families to attend. For example, are you planning to host a remembrance event for Memorial Day? Write a blog a few days before the event that outlines the different activities that will be taking place, the time and location of the event, and educates families about how they can get involved.

2. How-To Articles

Funerals can be a confusing event for families in many different ways. There is a lot of information to gather in a short amount of time, and when you pair that with the emotional state that many people planning a funeral are in, it can be downright overwhelming. This is why many people turn to the internet to search for help on how to get through the grieving process, how to show their support to the immediate family, how to write an obituary, or any number of other “How Do I….” questions. By writing out the answers to these questions on your blog, you are not only providing helpful answers to your current families, but you are also attracting new families to your website when they search for this information online.

3. Resource Lists

Another great way to turn your funeral home website into a one-stop resource for your families is to help and guide them through the entire planning process – not just the funeral service. Therefore, use your blog to recommend other resources that your family may be looking for, such as local florists, hotels, religious or grief resources, etc. That way, they don’t have to spend their time searching for all of this information on their own, and you get to recommend the vendors in your area that you know will do a great job caring for your family.

4. FAQs

There are a lot of questions that surround the funeral planning process… and it’s likely that you are answering common questions every day from families who may not understand the ins and outs of a funeral service. A blog post is a great place to answer these frequently asked questions once and for all, so both new and future families have a complete resource for their funeral needs. Some common funeral questions that make great blog topics may include the meaning and symbolism behind common sympathy flowers, the top songs that your families play during the funeral service, the most powerful personalization options families can work into the service, and any other common questions you get over and over again from the people walking into your funeral home.

5. Business Announcements

One of the biggest benefits of being a business owner that has a blog is the fact that it serves as a personal line of communication between you and your families. Do you have some exciting changes taking place in your funeral home? You no longer have to wait until your families walk through the door to update them. You can simply use your blog as a platform to share announcements about your business, such as new products you are selling or any staff changes that are occurring. Now your families will always be up to date on the happenings of your funeral home!

6. Uplifting Articles

Another great blog feature that will help you connect with families is collections of uplifting stories or quotes that are related to funerals. A lot of the people who will be coming to your website will be going through an emotional time, either facing the loss of a loved one, or looking for information on how to support someone who has lost a person they love. By filling your blog with uplifting quotes, stories on how to support someone who is grieving, or recommending books on how to deal with grief, you are providing families with an invaluable resources that will help them long after the funeral service.

7. Staff Profiles

Your blog is not only a great resource for you to connect with your families, but it’s also a place where your families can learn more about the people working in your funeral home. For example, you could create a monthly behind-the-scenes series on your blog where you introduce the various staff members at your funeral home, you give some background into what their roles are at your firm, and you share some interesting and fun facts about each person. This will not only give families a better glimpse into the people who may be handling their future funeral service needs, but it also will help to create a better community bond between your staff and your families.

Now that we’ve got you motivated to start writing your blog, make sure that your website provider offers this beneficial tool so that you can start connecting with your families today! The f1Connect Website Platform is already built to host a company blog, so if you are a partner of funeralOne… you’re all ready to go!

Are you currently writing blogs at your funeral home? If not, what is keeping you from making the leap to this powerful marketing platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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