How These Death Industry Pros Are Rocking Instagram (And How You Can Too)

What’s social media marketing without an Instagram presence?

Not much really, according to the experts.

In fact, Instagram (in case you didn’t know) is the second largest social media platform, with an outstanding 84% engagement rate

With its ease of use, visually pleasing experience, and sheer number of users, it’s a no-brainer as to why your funeral home should jump on the Instagram band wagon.

If you’re new to Instagram, check out this 101 guide to getting started

And once you’re caught up, check out these 6 death industry and funeral business brands who are rocking it on Instagram… And learn more about how you can too:


Going with Grace


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Alua Arthur, the creator of Going with Grace, has been slaying on social media for years, thanks to her famed Youtube Channel. She’s also got a tear-jerking Ted Talk circulating the inter-webs as well, inspiring people to deeply think about their own mortality.

Why they’re rocking it: Beyond her compassionate heart and infectiously inspiring personality (is it too soon to use that adjective?), what makes Going with Grace so successful is her ability to connect with her audience. She connects with her heart, and doesn’t try to be anyone else but herself. This type of authenticity and heart-fulness alone can truly make a difference when you’re growing your social following.

How to rock it like they do: Let YOUR unique personality shine through your IG platform. If you’re goofy, be goofy. If you’re serious (who is actually truly serious!?), be serious. Be yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else. And let that shine through your content as much as possible.


New Haven Funeral Centre

New Haven Funeral Centre is run by powerful women of color, and you can feel their care and support from a mile away once you land on their social profiles.

Why they’re rocking it: The women at New Haven Funeral Centre make running a funeral home and cemetery feel soft and human, and that’s what’s missing from this profession. They also take advantage of social media trends and use them to relate to their client families in a way that’s comfortable and easy.

How to rock it like they do: Browse Instagram and see what kinds of trends are happening. There are certain kinds of posts that circulate IG quickly with their catchy and attractive trends. For example, the post above is a trending caption to use that people can relate to. To speak to your families in a way that they will be attracted to, it really helps to stay up-to-date with these trends and show you’re… well, human.


Dead Happy

Dead Happy is a life insurance company that makes leaving your final wishes easier than ever thanks to their app.

Why they’re rocking it: Dead Happy, as you can tell by their name, isn’t afraid to drop a death joke. In fact, most of their Insta channel is dark humor… and it really works! With more than 4k followers, this profile is definitely the most engaging life insurance company we’ve seen on social media, and we’ve been in the game since the beginning.

How to rock it like they do: Everyone likes to laugh. Even those who lost someone. Humor makes you approachable, which we know approachability is an ongoing challenge for, say, life insurance and funeral businesses. Try posting funny memes, GIFs, jokes, and photos that you know would make your audience laugh. It doesn’t have to be about death, either. You could simply post something about the weekend, or a holiday or event coming up. Laughing with your client families brings them closer to you, so don’t forget to make them laugh!


Soul Passages

Death Doulas are rocking it on social media right now, and Sarah Kerr is no exception. Sarah Kerr is a PhD, Death Doula, and creator of Soul Passages, a platform for death education and support through death rituals. 

Why they’re rocking it: Sarah’s page is one of the most educational, inspirational places to talk about death on Instagram. Her videos and content answer all of the questions we might even be scared to ask ourselves. Our favorite content of hers is her videos, which offer everything from book recommendations to conversations on topics like near-death experiences. 

How to rock it like they do: Find out what your client families are asking, and answer their questions in your content. Do it in a variety of ways — don’t just stick to photos as posts. Try out different kinds of content such as videos, reels, stories, and memes, and see what people respond to the most. 


Funeral Boss Inc

Funeral Boss Inc is a clothing brand that is dedicated to supporting funeral and death professionals’ education, as well as at-need families who have lost children. Their non-profit in a big way supports the future of the funeral profession, and for that we love them.

Why they’re rocking it: Creating art for a good cause will always do well on social media. People will always support others in supporting others. This is a fact of life. What Funeral Boss did was make a hobby into an impactful way to support a global community, and they deserve props for that.

How to rock it like they do: Is there a charitable cause you’d like to support through your creativity? Think about partnering with a local charity or artist to create something beautiful and for a good cause. Even t-shirts for your funeral home that make a statement could be beautiful, too. Get creative!


Josiah & Co


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A post shared by Melissa // Loss Doula (@josiahandco)

The creator of Josiah & Co, Melissa, is a Loss Doula and offers pregnancy loss support to mothers through inspiring content and knit products. 

Why they’re rocking it: Josiah & Co really understands that the visual presentation of your Instagram feed is incredibly important. Their overall vibe is very attractive to mothers and women and feels very nurturing and gentle with its earthy, pastel color scheme. The visual presentation alone attracts many followers to her content, and followers truly understand who she is just by her presentation alone.

How to rock it like they do: What is your brand’s look and feel? Colors? What kinds of photos represent your brand? Fonts? These are important questions to ask, and answer for any business, not just on Instagram. Your brand has a visual identity and on Instagram, the more you commit to it, the easier it will be for you to attract your customers. For help on your brand identity, check out this guide


What other funeral and death industry brands do you see rocking it on Insta? Tell us in the comments below!

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