5 Death Influencers (Of All Ages) You Should Know About

I love Death Influencers because they’re changing the game for the funeral profession in a big way.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself: “What the heck is a ‘death influencer?’” then let me explain.

A Death Influencer is someone who has a large online following on one or more social media platforms, who works within the death care profession. 

Death influencers are the medicine the funeral & death care professions didn’t know they needed, but are now so glad they have (hopefully).

Death influencers matter because they’re the ones out there in the world showing people that death care professionals are no longer just tight a$&, traditional, suit wearing, conservative old white folks sitting in the funeral parlor with a creepy look on their face (sorry but this is the picture most people paint when they think of funeral pros).

Now, death influencers are out there showing the world that we’re also women, we’re friendly, we’re not only white and conservative, we’re approachable, warm, educating, helpful, and… most of all,  we’re important

Let’s give a shout out to these 5 death influencers who are changing the game for the funeral and death care profession, one post at a time: 


Distant Shores Deathcare

Social Media Handle: @distantshoresdeathcare

Follow them for: Epicly curated, visually stunning informative content on pet loss, death, advanced planning and death doula work.

Everytime I land on Distant Shores Deathcare’s Instagram, it’s hard to leave. Their content is bright, approachable, and super informative. Even as a death industry writer myself, I feel like I learn something new every time I visit their page. I love their mix of humor, education and content that addresses our emotions, too.


Alex Zappala Mammadyarov

Social Media Handle: @alexmammadyarov

Follow them for: Professional grief & healing help, grief integration and inspirational quotes

Alex is a psychotherapist, professional word weaver and a great grief companion (she even says it herself), and it shows. Her content feels like a long exhale on a stressful day. Her Instagram page is full of content that touches the heart in deep places. Plus, she hosts regular workshops and containers for grieving hearts in a unique way I haven’t seen around much. Speaking of, her 4-part grief integration webinar is something I’d definitely be doing if I was grieving a loss!


Funeral Boss Inc

Social Media Handle: @funeralbossinc

Follow them for: Content and merchandise that normalizes being a death care professional

As a funeral professional, there aren’t necessarily a lot of spaces where your work is normalized. Or, where you can talk to people about your work. What I love about the Funeral Boss Inc is that they truly put the “fun” back into a funeral professional’s work. Their merchandise is downright hilarious, and also informative too.


Sarah Kerr

Social Media Handle: @sacred.deathcare

Follow them for: Death doula end-of-life care education and training

Death is sacred. And sometimes it takes an earth angel like Sarah Kerr to remind us of that, even if we’re in the profession. Sarah takes a “soul centric” approach to deathcare and you can feel it in her content. I love the spiritual influence in her content because it feels heart warming and not cold like most death professionals are stereotyped as. Her videos are my favorite because you feel like you’re right there, sitting at her feet, learning about new and better ways to treat death in today’s modern world. 


The Grave Woman

Social Media Handle: @thegravewoman

Follow them for: Education on anti-racism in the funeral professional, as well as pre-planning education & grief therapy


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The Grave Woman is one of my favorite people to follow on social media for two reasons: one, she is educating on a topic that has been swept under the rug for WAY too long (racism in the funeral profession). And two, she is darn funny while doing it. 

Her reels take pretty intense topics like how funeral education systems pronounce natural black and brown hair styles as “unprofessional” and turns them on their head while also making you laugh. It inspires me to care more about racism in the funeral profession, and that’s just one topic. Her pre-planning and aftercare reels are just as hilarious (see one of my favorites below). 


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What other death care influencers do you love to follow? Share them with us below and we might feature them in a future blog!

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