Expert Insight: The World Wide Web In 60 Seconds

I recently saw this infographic and realized I better share it with funeral professionals now, before it’s too late. As you’re finalizing your marketing plans for 2012, you might want to consider some of the statistics below. If you’re still questioning whether or not your families are online, STOP. This infographic by Shanghai Web Designers should put to rest any doubts you’re having by showing just how influential the World Wide Web has become. Your families are not exempt.

Your funeral firm should be focusing its marketing efforts on a strategic Internet presence for 2012 if you want to get in on the action!

In 60 Seconds:

• There are 694,445 search queries on Google

• 168 million emails are sent

• More than 70 new domains are registered

• 695,000 status updates are made on Facebook

• 79,364 wall posts are made on Facebook

• 510,040 comments are made on Facebook

• 98,000 Tweets are made on Twitter

• 320 new Twitter accounts are created

• 100 new LinkedIn accounts are created

• 60 new blogs are created

• 1,500 blog posts are made

• 40 new questions are asked on

• 100 new questions are asked on

• 1 new article is published on Associated Content, the world’s largest source of community-created content

• 1,700 downloads of the popular web browser FireFox

• 1,600 reads are made on Scribd, the world’s largest social reading and publishing company

• 13,000 hours of music are streaming on Pandora Internet Radio

• 12,000 new ads are posted on Craigslist

• 600 new videos are uploaded to YouTube

• 370,000 minutes of voice calls done on Skype

• WordPress blogging platform is downloaded 50 times

• WordPress blogging platform plugins are downloaded 125 times

• 13,000 iPhone applications are downloaded

• 20,000 new posts are published on Tumblr Microblogging platform

• 1 new definition is added on

• 6,600 new pictures are uploaded to the photo management website Flickr

So how important do you think a strategic Internet presence is to your funeral firm? Share your comments below!

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