Yellow Pages vs. Online: The Most Effective Tool for Funeral Marketing

Funeral professionals are definitely embracing technology more these days, than in years past. According to results from the 2011 State of Funeral Marketing survey, 81% of respondents said their firm currently has a website.

However, it appears as though the majority of respondents still don’t understand the true value of their website, especially when it comes to its marketing potential. Funeral professionals are still putting as much emphasis on local Yellow Pages ads, as they are on their website.

So let’s break this down and figure out of Yellow Pages vs. Online, which one is your funeral firm’s most effective marketing tool:

Visibility: In order to be effective, your marketing message must be visible. And the more people that your marketing message reaches, the better chance you have of it being effective.

• Yellow Pages – The most visibility you could hope to gain from an ad in the Yellow Pages is in your local community. The person planning the funeral might not live in the same community as their loved one who passed away. How do you suppose they would find you?

• Online – If you optimize your online presence, you have the ability to reach Internet users worldwide. 

Capability: In order to effectively communicate your marketing message, your families need to understand the capability of your funeral firm.

• Yellow Pages – Whether you just list your funeral firm in the Yellow Pages, or you place an ad, the most information families can learn about you is your name, address and phone number. Although that’s a start, people demand more information these days.

• Online – Having an online presence allows you to be a resource for your families during their time of need. Use your website to educate them on the capabilities of your funeral firm by covering topics such as, services offered, what to do when a death occurs, grief and healing, pre-planning, and more.

Credibility: In order for your marketing message to be effective, your families need to trust you. And the truth is you have a better chance of gaining your families trust through word of mouth marketing than through a print advertisement.

• Yellow Pages – Although listing your funeral firm in the Yellow Pages proves you’re a credible business, it does nothing to make you stand out among the competition.

• Online – Social media is today’s word of mouth marketing. By integrating social media into your website through social memorial websites, you’re putting the power of marketing into your families’ hands. Nothing proves credibility more than personal interactions with your client families.

As you can see, in order for your funeral marketing efforts to be effective, you need to be reaching a broader audience outside of your local community. Your funeral firm should be focusing their marketing efforts more on your website and social media, and less on the Yellow Pages.

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