Your Funeral Website Should Be More Than A Business Card

So, you finally broke down and got a website for your funeral firm…but now what? Unfortunately, too many funeral firms are missing out on the true value of a website by simply using it as an online version of their business card, or brochure. (Read 6 Reasons Why Most Funeral Home Websites Fail)

The beauty of a website is it’s not static, nor limited in capacity. You can do much more than just list the name, address and phone number of your funeral firm. A website enables you to provide context for your services that distinguishes your firm in the eyes of your families. Another huge benefit is that they don’t have to keep track of your business card to be in touch. They can easily make a return visit to the website whenever they need to.

Here are some ways your website trumps a business card, hands down!

• A business card can’t do its job if you don’t hand it out, and even more importantly if the person you hand it out to loses it. A website can’t do its job if you don’t help it get found.

This means: You need to make sure that your website platform of choice is designed to be indexed by search engines. The beauty of a website vs. a business card is that you don’t have to be there to make contact. A website can serve as your networking ambassador.

• An interesting fact discovered from the 2011 State of Funeral Marketing Survey, is that although funeral professionals agreed that the Internet is the first place they turn to when researching a product or service, they don’t necessarily consider their website as the main marketing channel for their funeral firm.

This means: To be considered a marketing channel, the website would actually have to pull business your way. If you’re using your website like a business card, that’s not likely to happen. There’s nothing compelling to engage visitors to your website or motivate them return in their time of need.

• It doesn’t have to be one or the other. A business card can work in conjunction with your website by including the URL along with all the other contact information on the card.

This means: A business card can serve to connect your families to your website. When they’re ready, they’ll type in that URL and take a look. And in their time of need, they’ll visit your website again and decide to visit your firm to help them memorialize the life of a loved one. Or, they’ll pass on that URL to a friend in need of your services. Connecting online and offline marketing vehicles should never be overlooked.

These are just a few of the ways your website can prove more effective than your business card to the marketing efforts of your funeral firm.


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