11 Reasons Becoming A Funeral Pro Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

Becoming a funeral professional never used to be a choice.

In fact, in most cases, it was a duty to your family’s lineage. Most funeral homes were multi-generational and family based.

Now, things have changed.

People are actively choosing the funeral profession as their dream job.

If you’re reading this, maybe you’re either in a role as a funeral professional already, or thinking about it.

Either way, we thought we’d share the many perks of becoming a funeral professional for all to hear. 

For those who aren’t yet, we hope this inspires you to join this very unique and special line of work. For those who are already funeral professionals, hopefully this post helps you to remember why you chose to do this important work.

Here are 11 reasons why becoming a funeral professional is the absolute best choice ever:


You get to help people. Plain and simple. 

Those who were born for service get to truly be in deep service here. No questions about it.


And, you have a rare opportunity to experience deep vulnerability everyday.

And it’s such an honor to witness this soft, tenderness in humans. This is something that normally only therapists or parents witness in people. And you get to experience it. Everyday! What an honor and a gift.


You get to feel like a superhero most days.

And for that healthy balance to keep us humble, you also get to feel like a complete failure on some days too. And that’s the beauty, you never know what you’re going to experience with families. 


There’s nothing predictable or easy about this job.

When you went to Mortician school we bet you didn’t expect to wake up to an emergency call at 6am, rush to do a transfer, skip breakfast and lunch, run to an arrangement meeting and then talk to florists all afternoon. And it’s ok because you didn’t sign up for something predictable or easy.


Which means you’ll never be bored!

Unlike monotonous office desk jobs, your hands are full and you’re doing 30 tasks at once. No one said you’d be doing the role of 10 employees in one body. But it’s ok  because you’d rather be helping people in an important way than being bored.



You get to be on the front lines of a great reality shift happening right now.

As the world changes the way we think about and treat death, you get to shape that experience by educating others. You can even decide to create something new yourself. And because you have so much experience in the world of death, it will most likely be needed.



There is great reward in this work.

Rather than focusing on raises or pay as reward, we focus on making someone’s day, uplifting an entire family through an act of service, or even healing people in corrective experiences around death and funerals.



You can totally get away with being moody and gothic.

Who said hiding away in the embalming room for some AC and being moody while dressed in all black for an upcoming service isn’t a vibe? It’s such a vibe.


The people you meet are extraordinary.

And even though there are bad days, some people restore your complete faith in humanity and help you remember how amazing it is to do this job.



You experience the gift of facing your own mortality.

And even when you don’t mean for it to, it inspires you about the beauty of life. By being constantly reminded of death, you start to wonder how you want to spend this wild and precious life. 


And that’s when you learn the art of gratitude.

While being in the front lines of (at times) quite intense experiences and huge heartaches and losses everyday, you start to cultivate gratitude for your own life. That maybe you don’t have it so bad after all. That maybe your husband or wife or family is beautiful just because they are who they are. And maybe, just maybe, after all you see and do, you can be grateful for what you have.



Why did you choose to become a funeral professional? Tell us in the comments below!

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