7 Hilarious Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July As A Funeral Professional

Hey now, it’s time for barbecues, fireworks and all things 4th of July! 

Except… we know for most funeral directors, holidays just mean another day on the job 😛

To celebrate the 4th of July, “funeral director” style, we  thought up some silly ways to bring the celebration to work (and hopefully also a smile to your face!)


1. Ditch the black, and go red white and blue


Yeah, funeral director attire is usually the same ole’ black, but why not try a little red, white, and blue?

2. Skip the long wait for fireworks and get your own show

Tale as old as time. The pacemaker fireworks show is truly the best on the block though.


3. Get ready to be unimpressed as friends they tell their fireworks fail horror stories

“You think a few missing fingers and toes is bad? I’m a funeral professional!”


4. Bring the kids to work to celebrate this classic family holiday!

Make it a real “fun” eral home! 



5. Turn to Gene Simmons who knows the BEST way to keep your holiday beverages nice and cold! 

May we introduce to you, the “Kiss Kasket”.


6. While others are the master of the grill today, you can be the master of the crematory.

Who doesn’t love a master at some sort of fire-fueled appliance?


7. Remember it’s just another awesome day in the life of a hard working funeral director

We know you always put in those extra hours to serve your community and families, and hope that you find some time to celebrate with your family and friends this holiday weekend!

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Got more great ideas from celebrating the 4th in funeral director style? We’d love to hear them!

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