7 Hilarious Ideas To try Your Funeral Home This Halloween

Halloween season is here!

Y’all know that Halloween is the best holiday to celebrate at your funeral home, right?!

It’s true. 

Halloween is about the only time we can use death puns and make fun with death a little bit, without seeming creepy, off, or weird.

So why not have fun with Halloween at your funeral home? Make people laugh? Make yourself laugh?

Here are 7 ideas to do just that… celebrate and have fun at your funeral home this Halloween: 


#1: Funeral home trick-or-treating

Let’s start with the basics of Halloween: trick-or-treating. If you’re doing something to make kids smile and laugh and have fun, you’re doing it for all of us. We love Relyea Funeral Chapel’s event “Trunk or Treating” to help engage the community and have fun with the “spookiness” perceived of funeral homes. It’s about time we poked some fun at the stereotypes of funeral homes… and this is a great idea to help people also find that funeral homes aren’t so spooky after all! 


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#2: Have fun with the signage around your funeral home

I absolutely love scanning Etsy and Pinterest for funny ideas around the holidays. And more and more, there are ones out there that are perfect for funeral professionals. This sign, for example, as part of some Halloween decorations, could be a hilarious touch to your Halloween scene. Of course, it depends on the type of families that come to you, as some things can seem insensitive to more sensitive or conservative families. But if you can pull it off, this sign is pretty hilarious :-P.


#3: Taking the funeral home outside with decorations

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do around the holidays is see all the epic decorations people have set-up. I thought this set-up was hilarious. We aren’t sure if it’s in front of a funeral home or a normal home, but nonetheless, it’s creative to say the least. 


#4: And inviting death inside with us into the funeral home

I believe this photo comes from a museum that had fun with their Halloween decor inside. We love that they found more subtle ways to incorporate Halloween into their current decor, which was tasteful but also chuckle-inducing. 


#5: Punning it up this Halloween

There’s nothing better than a good death pun, especially if you have a sense of humor. We fell in love with this idea a while back, taking the “Just Married” terminology and changing it to better fit what we do here in the funeral profession! It’s funny, because funerals and weddings are actually quite similar in a lot of ways that we prepare for them. And this Halloween decor just takes that to the next level!


#6: Dressing up without dressing up this Halloween

Although we wouldn’t recommend wearing this shirt to an arrangement meeting or service, this is a great costume idea for Halloween, especially if you’re hosting a Halloween event at your funeral home! Of course everyone loves a good costume, but if dressing up isn’t your thing, this shirt definitely delivers on the humor factor!


#7: Lastly, remember to have fun this Halloween


If there’s anything you take away from this blog, remember to HAVE FUN and BE YOURSELF! I know funeral pros don’t get to celebrate many holidays with their families and certainly don’t have a lot of free time for fun, so why not bring it into your funeral home? You’ll thank yourself for it!


Happy Halloween from the funeralOne team!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween at your funeral home? Tell us in the comments below!

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