The 16 Kinds Of Funeral Directors (Which One Are You?)

Not all funeral directors are created equal.

Some are traditional, some are blazing the trail, and others are downright gothic.

And in case you have been lumped into one massive stereotype that most funeral professionals get lumped into (think 6 feet under), this one is for you.

Which type of funeral director are you? Let’s have fun with this one. Maybe you resonate with one of these types, or a little bit of all. Either way, let’s celebrate the fact that funeral professionals are multi-faceted, interesting beings with a wide variety of interests and ways of life.

Have a laugh with us and check them out below:


The goth funeral pro

Let’s just shamelessly name it. If you’re goth and a funeral professional, clap your hands.


The trailblazer

The newest funeral trend hitting the mainstream? You’ve already got it on your pricing list. The best funeral website platform? You’re friends with the CEO (cough, anyone a friend of our CEO, Joe, around here?). You blaze the trail baby, and gotta warn others to keep their mouths closed so they don’t bite your dust.



The green heart

Just like the trailblazer, you came into this industry to change it. But your goal is to make death not so… deadly for the Earth. You’ve got a green thumb (and heart) and are ready to help the funeral profession get with the eco-friendly program already. Traditional burial is SOOO 20 years ago.

The empath

You’re most likely a Death Doula or the listening ear at your funeral home. And your heart is the only thing bigger than all the debt you accumulated going to mortuary school. 


The traditionalist

Things are the way they are because they’ve ALWAYS been that way. And it’s best to just keep it like that. At least that’s what your lineage of funeral director ancestors told you. So be it!


The superhero

There isn’t anything you can’t do. And everyone at the funeral home depends on you for your superpowers. You’d call yourself a full-time superhero.\



The techy 

You found your way into the death industry by means of tech.Your app is probably the next big invention in the funeral industry, and you know it.



The not-so-techy

Taking photos isn’t your specialty. And we won’t even ask how many hours you’ve spent on tech support trying to scan a photo into your tribute software.



The fashionista 

Every day at the funeral home is an opportunity for a new outfit possibility. And you definitely didn’t forget to match your mask to your outfit.


The spiritual one

After you finish your morning affirmations, you grab the crystal most supportive for the energy of the day and are hell bent on getting your client families into essential oils for their grief.



The burnout King/Queen

Your last moment to yourself was before your first child was born… 10 years ago. And you have now mastered writing emails in your sleep.



The excited optimist

At this point in the game, your co-workers have probably given you a limit to how many inspirational quotes you can use from now on, in an attempt to try and cheer them up after these brutal past couple of years.


The jokester

When all else fails, you make people laugh. And everyone appreciates a healthy sense of humor at the funeral home. 



The socialite

Networking events. Conferences. Death Cafes. You’re hosting them. Not even quarantine can stop you. Thank God for Zoom parties. You thrive off of human connection and staying social is your key to sanity.



The introvert

Oh darn, we can’t see people in person anymore and large gatherings are banned at your funeral home? Shucks, you must be really bummed.



We hope you had fun reading through these types of funeral professionals. Which one(s) are you? Tell us below!


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  1. Marci Ramirez

    I am the social/empath

  2. Krystal Penrose

    Nice, yes! I hear you and am totally the empath too!