7 Ways to Make Cremation Profitable At Your Funeral Home

Make Cremation Profitable

Bill McQueen from Anderson McQueen Funeral Home collaborated with us and shared seven ways your funeral home can make cremation profitable.

Dying to know what he said?

Check out his tips below!

1. Renovate your funeral home facilities

Many studies have shown that most consumers choose direct cremation simply because they don’t like the thought of being in a funeral home. Change that misconception by creating an inviting environment with natural sunlight that encourages families to get together and share memories of the loved one.

Anderson McQueen created a coffee lounge in their facilities and often find families staying there after the funeral service simply because it’s the only time they have to get together and talk about the memories and stories of their loved one. Start taking small steps now like moving all draperies from your windows to create natural sunlight, and remove all pictures from your walls so your families can choose to add memorabilia that means something to them.

2. Reverse the 80/20 rule

Most funeral professionals dedicate 80% of their time to the logistics of the funeral and only 20% on creating healing experiences for the families. Reverse that rule and put all your efforts towards the healing of your families. The value in funeral service is shifting and families will appreciate the time you took to help them grieve more than the way you embalmed their loved one’s body.

3. Look into bundle pricing

When you offer a la carte pricing for direct cremation, you’re encouraging your families to just purchase a direct cremation. Eliminate direct cremations by creating “service packages” that include things like tribute videos, web casting  and a private ceremony for the loved one.

4. Stop offering temporary urns

While you might think your families won’t like it, Anderson McQueen stopped offering temporary urns and guess what? Their have been minimum complaints. Imagine how much revenue you can earn from one simple change.

5. Focus on your funeral guests

Think of funeral guests as your future customers. While the service you provide your families IS important, their often blinded by their grief to realize and appreciate all you’ve done for them. Your funeral guests aren’t often grieving as much, and will notice the little things you do for the family. Impress them, and you’ve secured potential families for your funeral home.

6. Get involved with Hospice/Healthcare

66% of Hospice and 87% of Healthcare organizations refer families to direct cremation with no funeral service. Is it just me or is there something wrong with that number? It’s time to collaborate with these organizations to get our families talking about their end-of-life wishes.

7. Appeal to progressives with new terminology

The Baby Boomers aren’t attracted to words like “funeral” and “visitation”. Instead, they want to hear the progressive words like “Ceremony”, “Tribute” and and “Final Goodbye”. The traditional language you used with your families is stale and outdated, so try communicating with them using the same language they do. You’ll establish a deeper, more valuable connection with them.


How else has your funeral home made cremation profitable? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Robert Widdowson

    Great tips. Very useful.

  2. Krystal

    Thank you! The workshop was excellent, definitely worth it!

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