How Will You Pay it Forward This Holiday Season?

In honor of the holiday season, the funeralOne team went on a mission to “pay it forward“.

We set up a few hidden cameras in a local coffee shop, paid for one person’s coffee, and put our faith in others to continue to pay it forward throughout the day.

The results… were surprising! 

The biggest lesson we learned? That one small act of kindness… it can go a long way.


Watch Our Pay it Forward Video Below:

With just $3, we were able to touch the lives of dozens of people, making their day more meaningful when they hardly expected it. 

Now that you’ve seen the power of one small random act of kindness, we challenge you to do the same! 

Make it your mission to pay it forward to someone this holiday season – whether it be buying someone’s coffee, helping a stranger who’s having car problems, or even hugging someone who really needs it that day.

Good luck, and Happy Holidays from the funeralOne team!



How will you pay it forward this holiday season? Did someone pay it forward to you? Share your experiences in the comments below!



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