Life Tributes 2014 Release: Bigger & Better.

Life Tributes is now bigger, better and more amazing than ever with the new 2014 Release. There are so many features, and so little time. Keep reading to learn more about the very latest updates. As always, let us know what you think!

Introducing f1Cloud Storage

Now anyone at your funeral home can create, edit, and share all of your Life Tributes projects on any computer, from anywhere.

f1 Cloud Storage

  • Access Anywhere

    Access your Life Tributes projects on any computer with the software installed. Start a project at the office and finish it at home.

  • Keep Your Projects Safe

    Never worry about losing your work. Every Life Tributes project you create is saved on our safe, secure network.

  • Infinite Hard Drive

    All of your projects and their associated files are saved on the f1Cloud. Ditch the external drives and save storage space.

  • Easy And Simple To Use

    Create and save projects as you normally would and they will automatically back up to the f1Cloud.

Your Tribute Videos Have Never Looked So Good

Featuring new intros & scenic backgrounds, smart Cinemotion technology and the ability to add families’ videos. At 3x higher quality, your tribute videos have never looked better.

Stunning New Cinematic Introductions

New Intro: Field of Flowers

  • Field of Flowers Video

    Field of Flowers
  • Mystical Celebration Video

    Mystical Celebration
  • Fishing Video

  • Patriotic Canada Video

    Patriotic (Canada)

Variety of New Scenic Video Backgrounds

Life Tributes Scenic & Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds include Fishing, Soaring, Tree of Life, Sunscapes, Beach, Barns, Country Bridges, Lighthouse and Woods.

Easy Editing

Drag and drop photos and videos, instantly preview your changes, then render your video in half the time.

Life Tributes Add Photos & Videos

  • Add Your Own Video Clips

    Bring their memories to life by adding video clips into your tribute videos with the click of a button!

  • Smart Cinemotion Technology

    New Cinemotion technology analyzes your imagery and music to create the perfect production. Automatically.

Your Webcasts And Tribute Videos Now Playing Everywhere

Now you can watch your tribute videos and funeral webcasts on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Plus, they’ll play in widescreen (16:9) resolution and MPEG-4 format… our highest quality yet!

Life Tributes Webcasts & Tribute Videos

It’s Easier Than Ever To Create Custom Print Keepsakes

Now you can do more with your printed materials than you ever thought possible. The Life Tributes 2014 Release allows you to drag and drop, undo your changes in a click and even create your own custom templates.

Life Tributes Webcasts And Tribute Videos

  • Customize Templates

    Now you have the ability to create your own custom print templates in Life Tributes and save them for future projects.

  • Easy Editing

    Drag and drop images and make text changes in real-time. And when you make a mistake, you can now click undo at any time.

Say Hello To The New Account Management Tab

The new Life Tributes Account Management system helps you manage your funeral firm’s Life Tributes account in one convenient place.

Life Tributes Webcasts And Tribute Videos

  • Hassle-Free Billing

    Manage your Life Tributes invoices, subscriptions and payments. You can even store your preferred credit card to purchase credits in a click.

  • Manage Your Team

    With the new Teams tab, you can add team members to your funeral firm’s Life Tributes account, making it easy to collaborate on projects.

Discounted Credits And Much More!

Enjoy up to 10% off Life Tributes credits plus tons of new features, usability improvements, and bug fixes. For a complete list of the improvements included in the 2014 Release, click here.

Life Tributes Personalization Software

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  1. Sharon Starnes

    System requirements for this software?

  2. Donna Henderson

    The music on the tribute preludes and music used in the tribute, whether yours or mine, need to fade at the end instead of stopping abruptly. Would make for a more professional, polished effect.

  3. Krystal Penrose

    Sharon, we’re not sure if you were able to get the latest version of Life Tributes yet, but if you haven’t give us a call at (800) 798-2575 🙂

  4. Nancy

    can an individual use this? And what is the cost?

  5. Rilee Chastain

    Hello Nancy! We currently offer f1Connect websites to funeral homes, but more opportunities are in the works! If you are interested in learning more about our f1Connect website platform, give us a call at (313) 437-8460 ext. 5!

  6. Cathy George

    I am interested in adding this to my website projects to do events and memorial videos. Is this something that I would be able to get the software for? If so, how much does it cost?

  7. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Cathy! We would be happy to provide you with some more information about our Life Tributes software and set you up with a 30-day free trial! What is the best way to reach you?

  8. Kristin

    Do you have more intros to choose from, or are there only those four?

  9. Rilee Chastain

    Hello Kristin! We have several Life Tribute intros to choose from. Please reach out to us at 1-800-798-2575 to learn more 🙂

  10. shauna schultz

    can I put my video tribute onto a flash drive??

  11. Rilee Chastain

    Hello Shauna! Thanks for the comment. You absolutely can put your video tributes onto a flash drive. We recommend reaching out to our tech support (800-798-2575) and they will happily walk you through the process 🙂

  12. Bryan McCartney

    Hi There,

    Are you able to use your own music and create custom themes to the videos?

    Also, for the Tribute Books, how long does it take to ship them to Australia?


  13. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Bryan, thanks for the message! Yes, you are able to use custom music within our Life Tribute software. You just need to have the track you want to use downloaded on your computer.

    Also, shipping of our Life Tribute book should take about 7-14 days to arrive in Australia.

  14. Laura Meaddows

    Hi Juliana. Do you sell your software to a working professional that is not associated with a funeral home? I am looking into the starting my own small business making dvd’s for families for a variety of occasions. Please advise. Laura

  15. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your comment. Our Life Tribute video software can be used for a number of important live events, not just funerals! You will find several beautiful cinematic themes within our software program, including birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. You can go ahead and download a free 30-day trial of the software at this link to use for your small business: Enjoy!!

  16. Maggie Brown

    Good morning,

    I paid $20 for 5 projects and when I began working on my first project I was charged ANOTHER $20.00. I am not happy with this. Can you please email me so we can discuss this.

    Thank you,

  17. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Maggie! Thanks so much for the message. We’re sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with our Life Tributes program. I have forwarded your email on to our customer experience specialists and someone will be in touch shortly. Thanks!

  18. Doug Sovinsky

    1. Does your software work on a Mac…. and if so, what is the System requirements??

    2. If it works on a Mac, do you give me a sample 30 day to see if this is what I would be happy to purchase and use??

  19. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Doug, thanks for the message. Our Life Tributes software is currently only for PC – but stay tuned for updates for MAC users soon 🙂

  20. Chris Moffeit

    Are there any other intro/ending videos other than the ones that are currently on the program? We would like change it up some.

  21. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Chris, we have a ton of beautiful new intros and endings being released very shortly for Life Tributes, so stay tuned!!

  22. Rodney Jones

    Any plans in the future to offer more theme selections for the Video Creation?
    More Themes? No updates since 2014?

  23. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Rodney, thanks for the message! We will be releasing a big update to our LifeTributes software – including more beautiful themes – very shortly, so stay tuned!

  24. Keister Whitt

    We really love the Life Tributes product and have been using it for years. I would love to see an update to the program since it hasn’t had a major upgrade for several years.

  25. Dodie Griffin

    please contact me with more information on memorial tributes cost please.. thank you

  26. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Dodie, has someone from our team been in contact with you yet? Please let us know! Thanks!

  27. Veronica Sanders

    Should I download all the music?

  28. Bryan McCartney

    Are there plans to have an iOs compatible version of the Life Tributes software, rather than having to run the virtual machine? We find the VM environment too unstable to run the software effectively and our business is completely iOs run. An iOs version would be awesome!

  29. Krystal Penrose

    Hi Bryan, good question! Please reach out to [email protected] for more info 🙂

  30. Jerry Perez

    is there a way to create videos without downloading the software? Like a cloud installation or on a removable drive?

  31. Krishunna Smith

    how can I download the tribute video to my personal computer?

  32. Krystal Penrose

    Hey Krishunna please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can help you 🙂

  33. Kristin

    What is the cost for this program???

  34. Krystal Penrose

    Hi there! If you give us your email we can connect you with our team! We offer a 30 day free trial.