Funeral Webcasting… Yes! It’s really that easy…

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I just put this video together to show everybody how easy it is to start offering funeral webcasts to your client families.

What to look for in a webcasting provider
1. Make sure they’ve been around for at least 3 years. You don’t want worry about disappointing a family by finding out your provider is out of business.
2. With technology being the way it is, make sure it’s affordable. Closely compare all the companies out there.
3. Make sure your provider is focused only on the funeral profession. It’s no different than choosing a doctor who is a specialist.
4. Try to avoid signing a contract. What if you have a problem? You don’t want to be locked in. Things change; that’s life. You need to be flexible!
5. Make sure it’s easy-to-use! Ease-of-use is everything.
6. Find a provider that puts the webcast on your website. You don’t want your families going to another company to find your webcast. You deserve all the credit!
7. Make sure they have 24/7 Support! It’s technology. Problems do happen. Good companies just fix them :).
8. I HIGHLY recommend working with a company that will offer you a FREE trial first.

Regardless of who you decide to partner with for your webcasting needs, I wish you the best of success. I hope that the information I have shared with you has helped make your decision easier.

Joe Joachim

PS – If you would like to learn more about webcasting with Life Tributes by funeralOne, please visit:

Joe Joachim


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  1. Anthony

    I was comparing you guys to another provider, and with out a doubt I made the right decision. You guys simply amaze me with everything you do!

    I love the fact that you don’t require a contract and huge setup fees. That makes it sooooo nice for somebody like me and other firms my size to be able to afford such a quality product.

    I’ll be sending you a copy of my local paper which I made the front page of the news with!!!!! Who should I put it attention to?

    Thanks again guys!

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