The 11 Most Buzz-Worthy Funeral Articles on Buzzfeed EVER

When it comes to going viral on the internet, Buzzfeed knows a thing or two.

This popular content website not only serves up trending news stories minute by minute, but they are also a 24/7 machine of churning out addicting, viral, trending content that will have you kissing your productivity goodbye.

But while we love a good list post or interactive quiz that will tell you everything you never knew you wanted to know about your life (for instance, What Ingredient Would You Be In A Salad? … (We got carrots, in case you were wondering), that’s not all that Buzzfeed is about.

Between all of the quizzes, viral videos and list posts, Buzzfeed has some truly buzz-worthy articles on a number of different topics… including death, funerals and grief. Today, we are rounding up some of our favorite can’t miss, click-worthy, best of Buzzfeed articles for funeral professionals.

1. Two Funerals And A Funeral by Rebecca Hendin

“It’s said that life comes at you in threes. Sometimes death does too.”

When we are younger, death is a rare occurrence, if you are so lucky. It’s not until you get older that your start to invest in nice funeral attire, as you begin to find more and more reasons to wear it as older relatives and friend’s parents pass away. In this article, author Rebecca Hendin explores the feelings that come with an increase in personal loss.

2. This Family Decorated Their Grandma’s Funeral With Over 100 Of Her Handmade Quilts by Brad Esposito

“A photo of Janet White’s funeral, adorned with quilts, went viral earlier this week.”

Funeral personalization can come in many forms and in many scales. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as displaying an item or memento that many people relate to their loved one. In Janet White’s case, those personalized mementos were over 100 beautifully handmade quilts. In this article, author Brad Esposito tells the story of Janet White and her six children and 13 grandchildren, whom she made quilts for… and how all of her loved ones brought out their quilts in honor of Janet’s funeral.

3. How I Finally Let Go Of Grief For My Dead Mom by Kate Spencer

“After eight years, I’ve finally started healing from my mom’s death. But losing my grief is almost as hard as losing her.”

Grief never truly goes away… it take on different forms, it flows into different shapes, and it changes us in different ways. In this moving article, author Kate Spencer tells the story of her grief journey, and how even though grief may no longer have a tight grip on her, that does not mean that her mother’s passing is not forgotten.

4. Why Venmo Is My Favorite Sympathy Card by Rachel Wilkerson Miller

“Turns out, the app that is mostly used to pay for your share of Ubers and bar tabs is also a fantastic way to be there for someone when they are in crisis.”

Technology has had a big impact on the funeral profession, both on how funeral directors better serve their families and how families honor and support loved ones in a time of loss. In this article, author Rachel Wilkerson Miller explores how one new social money app, Venmo, has been especially helpful in supporting loved ones during a funeral.

5. 32 Songs To Play At Your Own Funeral by Brad Esposito

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. These are BuzzFeed’s funeral songs (playlist included).”

We are big fans of using personal, meaningful songs as a way to pay tribute to a loved one during their funeral services. (In fact, we have created several of our own lists of our favorite funeral tunes!) In this classic Buzzfeed list guide, Brad Esposito puts together 32 beautiful, heartbreaking and meaningful songs that anyone would be lucky enough to have played at their funeral services.

6. A Friendly Guide To Exactly How A Dead Body Decomposes by Kayla Suazo

“You know you want to know.”

For many people, the process of death and dying can seem creepy and weird. But for those will a passion for service, or just those that are morbidly curious, the process of dying is a fascinating one. If you are someone who can’t learn enough about what happens after someone passes away, this article by author Kayla Suazo is for you.

7. What My Best Friend And I Didn’t Learn About Loss by Zan Romanoff

“When my closest friend’s first baby was stillborn, we navigated through depression and grief together.”

When most people share stories of their grief and healing journey, they often have a number of lessons learned or best practices that they pass along to those who may looking for support through future losses. But in this article, author Zan Romanoff takes the opposite approach — he touches on the aspects of loss that no one seems to have answers to… and it’s very relatable for anyone who’s been in the same boat.

8. This Is An Ad For A Funeral Home by copyranter

“The most beautiful, uplifting ad for a funeral home you will ever see.”

We love when funeral homes go against the grain and bring light to this beautiful profession, especially in the way that they advertise and approach families. This article is one of our all-time favorite examples, and showcases a beautiful funeral home advertisement made up of a life-size human skeleton made out of pressed flowers, by the Nishinihon Tenrei funeral home in Tokyo. It may just have you rethinking the way you market your funeral home.

9. Making A Place At The Table For Grief On Thanksgiving by Saeed Jones

“The holidays aren’t easy for everyone.”

Grief travels with you throughout all of your days, including the celebrations and the holidays. And for those who are freshly experiencing loss, it can feel difficult trying to balance the tradition of celebration with the absence of someone who you love. In this article, author Saeed Jones asks friends how they deal with loss in the midst of a day that they typically set aside for gratitude: Thanksgiving.

10. The Drive-Through Funeral Parlor by Gavon Laessig

“Here are images from the funeral of Robert Sanders, held at California’s only drive-through funeral home.”

Funeral homes come in all shapes and sizes… but have you ever seen a drive through funeral home? Now is your chance. In this photo article, author Gavon Laessig gives readers a tour of California’s only drive-through funeral home. It’s a journey, to say the least!

11. How I Stole My Brother’s Death And My Father’s Grief by Lucas Mann

“I don’t know if I remember my brother anymore. I think that the act of writing him, of making him, has become the memory.”

People remember their loved ones in very different ways. Some through pictures, others through songs. But for writers, the most natural way to remember and express memories is through words. In this article, author Lucas Mann tells the story of how he memorialized his brother through writing, and how it booth took him further away and closer to his loss.


What is YOUR favorite Buzzfeed article related to death, funerals or grief? Be sure to share it with us in the comments below!

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