Free Webcasting Until January 1, 2009

Free Webcasting Until January 1, 2009 (Click Video Above to Launch Webcast)

Funeral  webcasting. Couldn’t be any easier. Or cheaper. With Life Tributes, webcasting is easy. Stream live, delayed, or recorded services for families and friends around the world for either $40 per webcast or $195 per month. With no start up fees, no contracts, no obligations, and free 24-7 technical support; try it today! Be the first in your area to provide this valuable service and take advantage of a great press opportunity.

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  1. Kim Stacey

    I continue to be awestruck by your energy, your enthusiasm, and your ‘heart’. I can see that there is literally no better support for funeral homes and funeral directors than funeralOne – you and your team are #1!

    Best wishes for a highly-successful 2009.

    Love, joy, and deep appreciation,


  2. Nicki

    Hi, are the charges of $40 per webcast or $195 per month for the software, or are these what the funeral director will charge their clients for a webcast?