We Asked, You Responded: What Would Your Funeral Be Like?

It is no exaggeration that most funeral professionals live and breathe and their jobs. Whether you’re meeting with someone to pre-plan a memorable and unique funeral, or helping a family put together a service that honors the life of a loved one who has recently passed, most of our days are focused on helping our […]

These Are The 9 Most Innovative Funeral Professionals

Here at funeralOne, we are all about innovation. It is something we truly live, sleep and breathe by and we’re constantly looking change the profession for the better and make funeral planning a more valuable (and less complicated) experience for families. And we’re on a mission to bring that creative spirit to the entire funeral […]

3 Lessons Writing About Death Has Taught Me About Life

I spent most of my childhood being terrified of death. I can remember laying in bed when I was younger, feeling my heart swell in my chest every time the thought of death even crossed my mind. Most nights, I’d end up jumping out of bed and running to my parent’s bedroom because I simply […]

5 Funeral Surprises That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Have you ever been a part of a funeral surprise? By funeral surprise – I mean a miracle, an act of kindness, or something shocking that you just can’t let go of because it was that amazing. These are very rare occurrences when it comes to funerals, but when they happen, it’s something to celebrate […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Let’s Talk About Dying

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10 Of The Most Beautiful Poems On Life And Death

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge sucker for poetry… And over the years, I’ve set aside quite a few poems and kept them in a secret folder in my desk at work. Today I want to share a few of my favorites with you that cover the most complex topics of all: […]

25 People Tell Us How They Want Their Life To Be Celebrated

Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about putting the “fun back in funerals”. And because of that,  many Baby Boomers and millennials are becoming increasingly interested in planning their end-of-life celebrations. Just do a search on Google, Twitter or Reddit and you’ll find hundreds of articles, threads, and tweets about how people envision their […]

The 19 Most Memorable Last Words Of All Time

What would be your last words if knew it was your time to pass away? Being in the funeral profession, I can’t help but think about the topic. And as it turns out, many people – famous or not – have uttered some pretty epic last words on their deathbed. Some of them are funny, some […]

9 Of The Most Incredible Obituaries Ever Written

Obituaries are one of the most unique forms of literature ever written. They’re one of the few writings that truly capture someone’s life… if written correctly. Over the years, we’ve seen many people deciding that the traditional obituary is not for them. Instead, many people today want an obituary that’s memorable and not cookie cutter. […]

8 Touching Father’s Day Tributes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Or Cry

Ahh, Father’s Day. One of the very few holidays during the year where dads everywhere can bask in their reclining La-Z-Boy, eat whatever THEY want for dinner, and be treated like this is their day. Yes, Father’s Day is about letting your dad relax because he is busy working hard every other day of the […]