How To Get More Done In Less Time Thanks To Your Funeral Home Website

We all know how the saying goes – time is money. 

When you’re a funeral business owner, you know how incredibly true this is. 

Your time is precious, so why waste it with funeral home website platforms that are costing you time and money, rather than helping you save it?

There’s a better way to get more things done in less time. No need to spend hours figuring out how to design a state of the art website, uploading countless pages of content, constantly testing your website’s performance, and the list goes on…

Find out how you can improve your productivity by stepping into the new way of working with your funeral home website:


1. Old way: Spend your valuable time answering the same client family questions over and over again.

New way: Have a handy list of resources for your client families on your website so they don’t even have to call in the first place!

Let’s face it, planning funeral services can be overwhelming to families. Hopefully they’re lucky to have an amazing funeral director to help them through it, but there’s a lot that they can do on their own if they just know where to go for the information! Help foster a sense of independence for your client families with a resource list on your website. They’ll feel more in control, and you’ll have way less questions to answer everyday.  

Check out this live website by clicking the photo above.


2. Old way: Wasting effort convincing client families they really do need pre-planning.

New Way: Offer educational resources on pre-need planning on your website.  They’ll understand the benefits without feeling they’re being sold something!

Pre-need planning is one of the biggest conversations in the funeral profession right now and for good reason! It’s vital that people plan for their death, but no one seems to want to do it… even when they know they should. You can spend hours talking about the importance of pre-planning with your potential families, but why spend so much time on it when your website can do the work for you? Let families discover how helpful pre-planning can be on their own terms. They may even be more likely to actually follow through and do it on their own! 


3. Old way: Finding time in your busy schedule to meet client families to complete in person pre-planning.

New way: Families can pre-plan at their own pace from the comfort of their home thanks to your website!

They finally saw the light and are ready to pre-plan (congrats). But now you have to find a time that works for both you and your client families to actually get the work done. Luckily, some website platforms (like our own f1Connect) provide an awesome pre-planning tool that makes it easier than ever. Families will love that they can take their time and do everything at their own pace while they’re cozy at home. No need to squeeze in another meeting and rush through plans, it’s a win for everyone. 

Check out this live website by clicking the photo above.



4. Old way: Tell your potential client families one by one about all the unique ways you have celebrated life before.

New Way: Blow families away and show them with awesome pictures, stories and personal testimonials all in one place!

A picture (or even better, video) is worth a thousand words! You can talk about your unique services all you want, but beautiful photos will really show off your creative talent and excellent skill set. Potential client families won’t have to take your word for it either, they’ll be able to see with their own eyes how amazing your services are. Plus, testimonials from other families will provide all the proof they need that your funeral home is the right one for them. Spend less time selling and more time creating amazing services everyone is sure to remember! 

Check out this live website by clicking the photo above.


5. Old way: Letting the connection fade after the service is over while you move on to marketing to new families

New way: Keeping the connection alive with done-for-you aftercare tools so they’ll keep you in mind next time they’re in need!

Grief doesn’t end the day of the funeral, but how do you stay connected with the families you support when you won’t see them everyday? This is where e-Aftercare comes in. With some funeral home website platforms, families can opt-in to receive daily affirmations from your funeral home as well as interactive grief counseling videos. You’ll stay in your client families’ minds long after the funeral… and they’ll appreciate all the support you’ve provided.

Check out this live website by clicking the photo above.



6. Old way: Feeling overwhelmed by providing individual aftercare to numerous families at the same time.

New way: Inviting families to come together and support each other with inspiring events on your site!

From grief support groups to historical cemetery tours, there are so many ways to create community in your funeral home using an events section on your website. People are looking for connection to heal, and you can be the one to provide it creating a web of support families know they can lean on whenever they are in need. Save yourself the time of supporting people one on and build community at the same time? This one is a no brainer.

Check out this live website by clicking the photo above.



7. Old way: Losing your mind over manually managing numerous sympathy flower orders.

New way: Using the Sympathy Store so all the orders are sent off to your local florist automatically! 

Placing and tracking orders has to be one of the most time consuming tasks in any business. For funeral directors it’s also one of the most personal – an incorrect or missing order can really impact a grieving family. Luckily with a beautiful Sympathy Store on your website, all the ordering is automated and out of your hands. 

No more orders to manually place and track, it’s all done for you saving tons of time for you and client families. One of the best features of a good Sympathy Store is that you get to team up with your favorite local florist, offering you a chance to build deep and meaningful relationships with them, creating a sense of community that your families can feel too. That’s why the Sympathy Store is the highest converting funeral eCommerce platform in the profession!

Check out this live website by clicking the photo above.



8. Old way: Spending all of your energy on the older at-need generations

New way: Educating and empowering the younger generations, so they know who they can count on!

A lot of funeral decisions are actually going to be made by the children of the at-need generation. And honestly, there’s a huge death positive movement you can tap into by connecting with younger folks. Save yourself some time and effort and speak to the people who are ready to hear it! By having these conversations now, you’re building trust and the younger generations will remember who to call upon when they need it most.


9. Old way: Getting a headache from updating the look and feel of your website by yourself. Or, spending the big bucks on hiring an expensive agency to do it.

New Way: Sitting back and having everything done with you and your ideal client families in mind

Who has time to learn how to code when they’re running a super successful and busy funeral business?! A great looking website is essential these days, but it doesn’t need to come at the high cost of your sanity or all your earnings. Website platforms like f1Connect have amazing designs to choose from that will suit any aesthetic you can think of. Plus, you get the power of unique features and tools that help you to be the most successful funeralpreneur you can be. 


10. Old Way: Wasting your time with the wrong website platform!

New Way: Get started with f1Connect today and save yourself precious time, money and effort! 

Your funeral home website is meant to be the foundation of your online presence, inspiring families to connect deeper with you and understand the value of your products and services. But if your website isn’t doing that AND saving you time (and money), it might be time to reconsider providers. We’d love to hear how we can help you create the website your funeral home truly needs. Click here to reach out to one of our Funeral Success Specialists, or give us a call at (800) 798-2575.


What do you love about your funeral home website that saves you time? Tell us in the comments below!

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