5 Custom Features That Will Elevate Your Funeral Memorial Cards

As funeral professionals, we too often look past the potential value that many of our everyday products and services provide. Take funeral memorial cards, for example.

These personalized, printed cards are a staple for most funeral services. They are a standard way for families to share details about their loved one’s order of service, and honor the life of someone who meant so much to them. But for funeral professionals, we have seen these cards so many times that, at this point, we look right past them… we no longer see them as an opportunity for healing. Instead, we fill them out in the normal, templated way that we always have.

But who says that funeral memorial cards have to be just another basic offering in our funeral toolkit? Why do they have to be this bland, traditional card that – let’s be real – most people throw out at the end of a service, rather than hold onto as a meaningful collectible of their loved one’s most important life moments?

Well, funeral pros… we’re here to say that funeral memorial cards (and all funeral printing, for that matter) don’t have to be that way!

If you let them, funeral memorial cards can be just one more way that your funeral home goes above and beyond for the families you serve. How? By serving as an invaluable opportunity for personalization, memory sharing and celebration. To get you inspired, here are five ways that funeralOne’s Life Tribute software can help elevate your funeral memorial cards through our personalized features.

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1. Choose A Theme That Represents The Loved One

Every person has a passion that drives them through life… perhaps it’s a lifelong commitment to teaching, a career as a firefighter, or a passionate love of the outdoors. Whatever that passion may be, it often acts as our guide that accompanies us through our life, and it should be represented as a big part of our final life story that we tell, as well.

To help put this passion at the front and center of all of your memorial prints, Life Tributes has over 60 custom themes that you can choose from when it comes to designing the perfect memorial card for the families that you serve. This includes sports themes, career themes, hobby themes, religious themes and more.

2. Create A Special Photo Collage

One photo is simply not enough when it comes to representing a lifetime of memories, stories and unforgettable moments. So why should you be limited to only one photo on your funeral memorial cards?

With Life Tributes, you have the option to add as many photos as you would like, to both the front and back of your memorial cards. (Simply right-click anywhere on the card, and select the “Add” button from the menu.) One of our favorite ways to use this feature is to create a beautiful photo collage out of meaningful moments and relationships in the loved one’s life. For example, you could include a photo of a grandfather with each of his grandchildren, or show off a photo collage of someone on all of their life travels. The possibilities are endless!

3. Include A Favorite Quote, Poem or Song Lyric

Photos are not the only meaningful memento that we cherish after a loved one passes. We also turn to all of the powerful, inspiring texts that they held dear throughout their life. For example, a favorite song, a special poem, or even a memorable quote that they would always say. Incorporating these texts or phrases into a loved one’s final send-off can be a small, yet inspiring reminder of their personality and interests.

There are several ways that Life Tributes allows you to include text in your memorial card designs. You can write out a message in a basic text box, select one of our pre-written designer texts, or even include a beautifully stylized poem (see above) to add a touching design to the overall look of your card.

4. Share A Family Member’s Personal Note

Another great way to incorporate text and messaging into a loved one’s memorial card is to include a personal, heartfelt note written by a friend or family member. Too many times there are words left unsaid when someone we love passes away, and this is the perfect opportunity for someone who had a meaningful relationship with the loved one to tell their side of the story, or share a special memory that they have of their loved one.

To add a custom textbox with Life Tributes, simply right-click anywhere on the design of your card, and select “Add” → “Text” from the menu that pops up.

5. Include A Space For Friends and Family to Share Their Own Memories

A great way to ensure that a funeral memorial card has value to the family members and friends that you are sharing it with is to make it interactive and personal to each funeral visitor. One way you can do this is to leave a blank white space open for people to write down their own stories and memories of their loved one. They can keep the text to themselves and forever have it on their memorial card, or they can tear it off and share it with the immediate family to treasure in the future.

An easy way to incorporate a blank text space on your Life Tributes memorial card is to upload a plain white square image (like this one) as a background image anywhere on your card. (Simply right click the card, select “Add” → “Background Image.”) You can position it anywhere you would like on card. Just keep in mind what is on the reverse side of the page, if you are advising family members to tear their memory off… you don’t want them to tear out anything important!

Are you ready to try out Life Tributes for yourself and start making more personalized, valuable memorial cards for your funeral families?! If so, click here to start your FREE 30-day trial! You will be amazed and just how simple (yet meaningful) the process can be.

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