9 Unique Funeral Memento Ideas Your Families Will Want To Keep

Funeral mementos are to funerals, what wedding favors are to weddings.

Everyone likes to keep a little something in memory of the celebrations we come together to share, whether it’s to celebrate a life lost or two lives coming together.

Plus, it turns out that keepsakes help us on our grief journey in feeling connected to the loved one, as well as our grief.

That makes funeral mementos an important piece of the service!

Without further adieu, we offer 9 unique funeral memento ideas, inspired by Etsy!

(PS. Please note, we are not sponsored by any of these Etsy shops, we simply love these ideas!)


#1: Personalized candle

Sometimes it’s nice to borrow ideas from weddings. This is one of those times. Candles are a great way to incorporate rituals into your grieving process (see what we mean about mourning rituals here). Invite attendees to light this candle every time they think of the loved one.


#2:Create your own shot glass

For those who liked to live life to its fullest and celebrate, a shot glass might be the perfect memento to offer funeral guests. That way every time you’re celebrating in your own life, you can bring them into that experience, even after they’re gone.


#3: Engraved bookmark

For the avid readers who we’ve lost, an engraved bookmark is a gentle reminder of them whenever we open our books. You can choose to have their name engraved into it, or a phrase that represents the life they lived. Get creative! 


#4: Personalized tea sachet

For those herbal lovers, teas are a great memento idea for your celebration of life. Incorporating sensory experiences into your grieving process is important. You can choose the loved one’s favorite tea or create a blend that reminds you of them. That way when you drink the tea, you’ll be reminded of what they loved most.


#5: Funeral flower bead

What to do with all of those funeral flowers? Create a funeral flower bead! These are absolutely stunning and can be added to so many different kinds of DIY projects. Simply store some of the flower petals from the service, and this etsy professional will turn them into a bead for you!


#6: Framed Funeral Flowers

One more idea for preserving funeral flowers, while we’re at it. We absolutely love how you can create stunning wall hangings with flowers from the service. Creating new life out of loss is one of the most beautiful forms of art out there.


#7: Plantable seeds as memories

Was the loved one a gardener or nature lover? Then plant seeds in honor of them! When the flowers bloom, you can be reminded of the spirit of the loved one. And keep them in your hearts for generations to come.


#8: Memorial Share Cards

We absolutely love the idea to involve guests from the funeral to actively remembering the loved one with these cards! The cards give room for everyone at the funeral to share their favorite memories into the cards, sign them, and return them to you as a keepsake.

#9: Angel Keychain

We adore this idea for a funeral keepsake gift for guests at the service because it is simple and general. Instead of having the loved one’s name, it uses the first letter of their name. And the feather keychain comes with a card that says “feathers appear when angels are near”. This is a super sweet and comforting funeral memento idea that keeps things light and beautiful.


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What other ideas do you have for unique funeral mementos? Share them with us in the comments below!


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