27 Funeral Directors Tell Us What Makes Them Feel Alive


Working in the business of death is as challenging as it is rewarding.

As a funeral professional, you spend most of your time helping families cope with a loss and overcome one of the biggest hurdles of their life. It makes it easy to get so caught up in death that we forget about the things that make us feel alive.

And since we’re on the topic, we want to find out, what makes you feel alive? We asked 27 funeral professionals that same question on social media, and here’s what they had to say:

1. “Teaching my son the business of caring for others and looking forward to passing the torch to the next generation.”

– Daryle

2. “Being outside when it’s windy.”

– Donna

3. “For every time I wake up and see another new day!”

– Connie

4. “Breathing!!”

– Greg

5. “A black diamond ski trail or putting down several miles on a long-run day.”

– Heather

6. “Watching the end result after a funeral. The thank you’s, the look of the load you helped them through, and the wonderful cards of thanks.”

– Sandy

7. “Zip lining through the mountains of the Dominican. Anything thrilling!”

– Jessica

8. “Staying up and/or waking up early enough to see the sunrise.”

– Michelle

9. “Helping families through the death process.”

– Hal

10. “Getting lost in art for hours.”

– Adrian

11. “Laying on a swing outside in the sun, while reading a book.”

– Will

12. “The feeling you get when you do everything you can to provide the family with what they need for closure and they are appreciative.”

– Kelly

13. “How excited my 10-year-old gets washing the coach & limos.”

– Kias

14. “Captain and Coke!”

– Robert

15. “Extremely cold Chicago weather… I’m talking like -26 degrees. I dont like it per say, but dangggg does it make me feel alive!”

– Monica

16. “Warm grass on my bare feet for the first time after a long winter.”

– Joe

17. “Seeing the impact of helping someone who truly needs it and is truly grateful!”

– Kelsey

18. “It’s walking a family one step at a time through one of the most difficult and emotional times in their lives. And you must put yourself in a position to act upon each situation as if was your own family member passed.”

– Mark

19. “My family, serving families in need, and sending someone’s loved one off in a respectful and fitting celebration!”

– John

20. “My dog!”

– Michele

21. “Waking up in the morning… we take it for granted!”

– Chris

22. “Creating beautiful tributes for a cherished life once lived. It’s my passion!”

– Erin

23. “The first nice day of spring, driving with the windows down and a good song on…”

– Jennifer

24. “Wearing my favorite sundress and riding my bicycle through a grove of trees that lets the sun rain down in just the right spots. There is nothing that makes one feel more alive than being a babe on a bike!”

– Abby

25. “A really good spin class!”

– Jen

26. “Music. Hearing others sing about things that I relate to helps to assure you that you’re not alone.”

– Danny

27. “Helping other people!”

– Jenny

Tell us in the comments below, what makes you feel alive?

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  1. Qeepr

    This is great. It sheds some light on the funeral business who many might assume to be filled with depressed individuals. Will share.

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  3. Asaad

    I often tell my familiy I love them. It is so imptnoart and it is so very true that it takes a close death to prompt you.I look at my children and every day i tell them i love them. Who knows what is round the corner?

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