6 Brilliant Customer Support Rules Your Funeral Home Should Steal


Your role as a funeral professional has a more significant impact on the families you serve than you may realize. You’re the person that is able to step up and give guided support when they may be grieving, and you provide them with the tools they need to begin the healing process. Above all, you are a beacon of support for families as they honor and celebrate the life of their loved one.

Because your families rely on your guidance to move forward on the rocky road they have ahead, it’s important that you’re providing the best possible experience during every step of the funeral arrangement process and beyond.

That’s why we searched far and wide for actionable tips from brands known for their exceptional customer support. Read on to learn how to adopt strategies from the best in the business to deliver valuable and essential customer service to every family that comes through your doors.

1. Start the relationship with an exceptional experience.

You’ll be one of the first calls a grieving family member makes, and the way you represent your funeral home in those few minutes can have a profound impact on their overall experience and on your relationship with them from then on out. Use this initial communication as an opportunity to establish trust – making the family feel supported and heard, help them be prepared to make these arrangements and let them know you’re there for them every step of the way.

2. Understand your families’ state of mind and be accessible.

As funeral professionals, we see all kinds of responses to grief. Some folks spring into action and find comfort in making arrangements and putting affairs in order. Others become more reserved and find it difficult to discuss matters like funeral services and products. In either case, the families seeking out your services are constantly bearing the weight of an emotional event. Keep in mind that even if they seem “fine,” the people crossing your doors or calling your firm are seeking comfort and support.

3. Deliver answers and results quickly and to families’ standards.

A universal trait of those seeking satisfactory customer support? They don’t like to be kept waiting, and they especially don’t like waiting for less-than-satisfying results. Make sure you have procedures and schedules in place that enable you to respond to all family questions and requests as quickly as possible. Set aside a few blocks of time throughout the day to answer calls and emails, or designate a member of your funeral home to field phone calls. Being the first to respond to a family—and doing so with complete and helpful information—may be just what it takes to turn them into loyal customers whenever your services fill their needs.

4. Be honest, transparent and forthcoming.

Your clear answers and transparency helps your families feel comfortable and heard when they’re working with your funeral home to arrange a service for their loved one. They’ll appreciate your willingness to answer questions and explain all the steps involved in the process. Customers across the board agree that being treated this way is a huge customer support plus.

5. Keep lines of communication open and collaborative.

As important as it is to convey all the necessary information to your families, it’s equally important to be sure you’re hearing them as well. Pay close attention to what they’re saying, and also to the signals you receive. Some family members may become overwhelmed with the process of arranging a loved one’s funeral service, so keep an eye on cues that may suggest you should take a break from the arrangements discussion. Be receptive to friends and families’ inquiries and requests, and encourage them to ask questions and seek whatever answers they need.

6. Help your families help themselves.

Companies with top-notch customer support have another thing in common: They leave the people they serve feeling enabled to help themselves. When you provide your families with good, understandable information about their options, they feel empowered to make the right decisions throughout their interaction with your firm. An educated family is a valuable family, and you can begin building that knowledge base by providing the families you serve with educational, helpful information on your website.


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Delivering superior customer service is a must for any successful business, and it’s a must for your funeral home too. Being able to create positive relationships with families means more opportunities to serve them with the best products and services our profession has to offer. Don’t delay in getting their attention: Activate your web presence with the f1Connect website platform today to begin delivering exceptional customer support to the families who deserve your very best.

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