How to Generate $1,000’s From Your Funeral Website (Without Doing a Thing)

generate revenue from your funeral home websites


What if I told you your funeral home could generate thousands of dollars of new found revenue from your website without lifting a finger?

You’d probably call me crazy, right?

Well, for Wasik Funeral Home, it’s more than possible.

So how did they do it?

Wasik Funeral Home tapped into a well-established online tool that is starting to explode in the funeral profession – eCommerce.

What the heck is eCommerce?

Simply put, eCommerce is online shopping, and it’s projected to be a $279 billion industry within the next three years (Forrester Research).

Funeral professionals are using eCommerce to sell flowers & sympathy gifts online, sometimes directly on their funeral home website. With the right eCommerce solution, you can earn up to 25% commissions on every product sold with out doing a thing.

Sounds simple, right?

With 93% of people purchasing sympathy gifts and flowers, the opportunity is hard to ignore.

And, just this year, it’s helped funeral professionals support tens of thousands of families. And that’s just the beginning.

Why should your funeral home care about selling flowers & gifts online?

Well, for starters, it adds another level of service to your families – without increasing their expenses (or yours). Plus, you’re offering your community convenience. With eCommerce, your community can purchase sympathy gifts and flowers 24/7 – directly on your website.

And, it’s helped funeral professionals make it easy for out-of-town families to show how much they care.

Imagine how comforted your families will feel knowing that their friends & family from around the world sent them love and support!

Wasik Funeral Home’s Success Story

Wasik Funeral Home employees found themselves spending time taking phone calls from people inquiring about sympathy flowers and gifts. Since all they could do was to send callers to an outside vendor, they were losing time and money.

To solve this problem, they integrated funeralOne’s eCommerce solution called The Sympathy Store into their website. The Sympathy Store has allowed Wasik Funeral Home to offer flowers and gifts directly on their website, while earning up to 25% commission on every product sold.


Here’s what The Sympathy Store looks like on their website:

Example Sympathy Store on Wasik Funeral Home's Website

The Results

Wasik Funeral Home now receives fewer inquiries about gifts and flowers, freeing up their valuable time and resources. And, they’ve been able to generate a new source of revenue, while helping their families feel supported.

– In just a couple of months, they generated an estimated $6,000 in revenue by selling gifts & flowers with The Sympathy Store.
– They saw a 250% increase in orders from the first to the second month. Gift orders have now nearly tripled since their Sympathy Store’s launch.
– The Sympathy Store has entirely covered the cost of running their f1Connect website each month.



In what ways have you been able to generate revenue from your website? Share your thoughts and ideas!


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