The Best Social Media Platforms To Use At Your Funeral Home Right Now

Social media is THE marketing tool of the century.

If you don’t already know that, here’s a whole collection of statistics on the importance of social media for business that show you the way.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s not waste any time and get into the best social media marketing tools for funeral businesses specifically.

You won’t find this information anywhere else, so let’s dive in. 

Here’s our list of the BEST social media platforms for funeral businesses, in order, below:

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest


We’re only going to focus on these four social media platforms today. The reason for that is because we truly feel that it’s better to have QUALITY interactions on one or two social media platforms than it is to focus on getting all the platforms.

Let’s break down what each platform is good for, and some tips for engaging on each of these platforms below.


#1 Funeral Social Media Tool: Youtube

While often overlooked, Youtube IS the #1 social media marketing platform for funeral businesses. In our research, we found Youtube to be the most popular social media platform used amongst Baby Boomers, with 70% of Boomers say they use it. Since Boomers are used to consuming media on the TV, Youtube provides the closest comparison to that. Boomers see Youtube as a tool that improves their lives. They use it to learn and make their quality of life better, rather than engaging with others. 

How to use it: Youtube is an educational platform. And since education is something that families desire more than ever, this is your chance to create content to answer their questions. 

  • Find out what questions your potential families are asking about your services, and put that question in the title of your video as you answer it. 
  • Learn how to boost your funeral home website’s SEO with Youtube videos
  • Upload your Youtube videos to your funeral home website to create more non-static, engaging content on your site


Pssst… there is an entire course for getting your business on Youtube called the Youtube Creator Academy! Check it out here.


#2 Funeral Social Media Tool: Facebook

Facebook is the “OG (original)” of social media, simply because it’s been around for so long. Plus, it’s maintained pretty steady engagement, particularly with Boomers who are interested in staying connected with friends and family. Facebook groups are particularly great to incorporate into your funeral business, as they create a space for discussion and engagement on specific topics.

How to use it: Facebook is like a highschool reunion, family reunion and newspaper all in one. Highlight the element of connection with this social platform with the following tips:

  • Create a Facebook group for past client families to stay connected with and support each other, or create a Grief Support Facebook group.
  • Post more personal updates about your funeral home’s team, facilities, and your offerings that are relatable to your audience.
  • Try your hand at Facebook Advertising (it works!).


Check out one of our favorite funeral home’s to follow on Facebook, Pray Funeral Home:

Need help optimizing your Facebook presence for your funeral business? Check out this guide.


#3 Funeral Social Media Tool: Instagram

Although Instagram is mostly used by Millenials, we still recommend this social media tool if you’re wanting to stay connected to the evolution and innovation of the funeral industry. Most of the folks who are the future of the funeral industry are hanging out in this space. And it’s a great way to educate yourself on the changes we see coming in our industry. Plus, this platform gives you a chance to connect with the younger generations who are likely more proactive in helping their parents and grandparents plan for their end-of-life.

How to use it: Instagram is all about networking and education. Here’s how you can use it for your funeral home’s marketing strategy:

  • Follow thought leaders through hashtags like #DeathDoula, #DeathPositive, #SoulMidwives, #GreenFunerals and other topics that are creating the new way of funerals.
  • Turn your Youtube content into 1-minute videos or posts and share them here.
  • Create content on pre-planning that is relevant to Millenials as they are the most proactive in this arena.


For inspiration on how real-life funeral pros are rockin it on Instagram, check out this blog.


#4 Funeral Social Media Tool: Pinterest

Ever see your daughter, son, niece or granddaughter planning a family party or wedding on Pinterest? That’s what this platform is best used for. With women being the dominant user of this social media platform, they’re looking for inspiration and ideas to plan a celebration of life. They’ll often search for things like funeral personalization tips, eulogy ideas, funeral recipes, and funeral music. It’s safe to say Pinterest is a great tool for planning beautiful celebrations of life for your families and community.

How to use it: Pinterest is the planning board of social media, and the way you use it should support that for your families. Try working with Pinterest with these tips:

  • Make guides for Personalized Funerals and post them with photo-centric content
  • Create boards that offer tips and tricks on different topics like funeral flowers, funeral songs, pre-planning, grief tips, etc.


For help getting started on Pinterest for business, check out this guide.

Check out funeralOne’s Pinterest board here.


So there you have it, these are our favorite social media platforms for funeral professionals, funeral homes and funeral businesses.

We’re curious to hear from you — what are your favorite platforms to work with? Tell us below!

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