These 7 Experts Share How To Grow Your Funeral Business with YouTube

You’ve probably heard it before…

YouTube is one of the most effective ways to grow your business, your reach, and your funeral home’s brand.

Take Order of the Good Death, who started the series “Ask A Mortician” 10 years ago.

She posted Episode One a decade ago (below)… 

… and now she has nearly 2 million subscribers to her YouTube Channel. 2 MILLION! In the funeral profession! Yes it’s possible to get this kind of growth in the funeral profession. 


But getting started on YouTube is hard…!? (myth busted)

Do you need a team of people managing and editing and shooting your videos for YouTube? Nope. 

Do you need to hire a Hollywood film producer? Certainly not. 

Do you need to buy a $5,000 camera? Not at all.

You can get started with simply your iPhone, an idea, and some willingness. That’s all you need. And if you want to learn more about starting your own YouTube channel, do check out this blog by Shopify.

Ok now let’s dive into the tips from experts in the realm of marketing, eCommerce and business. These folks will share with you some of the ways you can grow your funeral business with YouTube below:


Tip #1: Determine your goals

“First, you need to determine your content marketing goals. Is it to build an email list? Drive consumers to your e-commerce site? Identify your top two or three objectives to help hone in on the right strategy. I can’t overemphasize the importance of this step. [In fact,] 72% of content marketers credit content strategy development as a key factor in their organization’s overall success.”

Neil Patel, Marketing Guru


Tip #2: Be consistent

“Money [or new client families]  won’t come soon. I made daily-videos for six-months only to get my first client. And even after that, it took me a year more to get regular clients. If you aren’t okay with that time-frame, then click away because this won’t work. But there is a pro for this con. Once you have a lot of videos on there, it will become low-maintenance. Now, I only post 4-videos a month to get the same results as before.”

Rafael Eliassen, Business Consultant

Rafael is a very successful YouTuber, and he started from very humble beginnings. Check out his first video below:

Tip #3: Include links to your funeral home website

“If you’re wondering how to drive traffic to your online store using YouTube, one of the easiest ways is to include a link to your website or product pages on your channel page and within each video’s description. You can also mention your website and feature your URL as a graphic in your videos.”

YouTube also has a feature called “cards” that creators can use to link to playlists, videos, and channels. There’s a “link” card that allows users to link to an external website, but you must be part of YouTube’s partner program to use it. Partner program members can also add end screens to videos that are at least 25 seconds long. Among other things, end screens allow users to link to an external website.”

Bogar Alonso, Wix


Tip #4: Go behind the scenes

“A great way to humanize your brand is to create behind-the-scenes videos. You can highlight your workers, areas of your office, quality control and other aspects of your business. Such content creates the feeling of trust and goodwill since you’re opening a window that lets people see how your business works. It’s a chance to highlight why your business is a great fit for customers. Make sure that you focus on values, employee well-being and other matters that touch an emotional chord. You’ll give your brand image a boost and convince people to engage with your business.”

Blair Williams, MemberPress


Tip #5: Optimize your YouTube Videos with SEO

“YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world in and of itself. Just like people search for products and need problems solved via Google, the same rings true on YouTube.

Think of your YouTube videos like any other piece of content that needs to be optimized in terms of keywords, tags and so on. In order to increase your chances of showing up, you’ll want to follow some of the best practices for YouTube SEO

Brent Barnhart, Sprout Social


Tip #6: Educate your potential client families

“We know YouTube is a social media platform where companies and individuals post a wide range of content meant to entertain. But content that grows a business should be more than entertaining. Businesses have experience and expertise in their fields that could benefit their customers. Creatively presenting that expertise helps businesses communicate directly with their customer base on another level.”

Jacob Cass,


Tip #7: Interview big names in the death profession

“Interviews are among the most popular video formats you’ll find on YouTube. Interviewing big names in your field is a great way to increase customer trust and grow your brand at the same time. With the right tactics, you will be able to drive lots of traffic to your interview videos and, in turn, your website. With a well-executed interview video, your audience gets high-quality, informative, and entertaining content.The interviewee gets exposure and shares the video with their audience which means your channel reaches more potential customers—everyone wins.”

Marketing Company MotionCue


The perfect companion to an engaging YouTube Channel

Is, of course, an engaging funeral home website. How does your funeral home website stack up? Try the funeral profession’s #1 all-in-one website platform, f1Connect. If you’re interested in learning more about the f1Connect website platform, reach out to one of our Funeral Success Specialists today!

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