Socialnomics – Winning Customers’ Hearts, Minds & Wallets in a Wi-Fi World

One thing we’re always excited for when the ICCFA convention rolls around is the opportunity to seek new inspiration, learn and grow. This year, #1 bestselling author, Erik Qualman’s session, “Socialnomics: Winning Customers’ Hearts, Minds & Wallets in a Wi-Fi World” was one we couldn’t miss! Read on for our key insights.

In this digital-age customers’ attention, hearts, and minds are won well before anyone steps foot in your physical location, or buys your products or services. The choice of whether or not to be active on social media has been thrust upon us…And believe it or not, social media can help us attract our best employees, and our best customers.

Social marketing has become a bigger, faster, stronger version of traditional word-of-mouth (which we all know how important this is in funeral service). But, have no fear, Erik shares 5 basic habits to supercharge and control our digital stamps…And, as a clever bonus, the first letters of these 5 habits just so happen to spell the word “STAMP.”



No matter how caught up we get online, we have to remember that there’s no replacement for the authenticity that face-to-face interactions provide. Digital communication comes to the forefront only when time and distance are factors in the equation. Qualman has a saying that, “We live in a Jetsons era, but it’s those that behave like Jetsons and Flintstones that will win”.

Simplicity wins today, and when crafting conversations and engaging with current and potential customers, keeping things simple is the best policy. Being transparent, authentic, and willing to fail fast and fix any issues up front, is a proven way to gain the trust of your audience.

Dollar Shave Club’s brilliantly simple video.

One of the simplest advertising campaigns in recent past came from Dollar Shave Club, a mail-order delivery service which disrupted the shaving market by essentially offering a beauty service to males, who traditionally had been neglected. By making  a simple video that humorously showed how easy it could be to groom yourself, Dollar Shave Club spoke directly to its target audience, and made us wonder how such a simple concept hadn’t already been thought of. It all started with what seems to be a basement budget film production, distributed through YouTube. A few years later, and Dollar Shave Club sold to a major razor brand for billions of dollars.

When your audience tells you that they like something, are you doing more of that? And vice versa… Pretty simple, right?!


To serve as a guide in making choices that will shape your digital footprint, Qualman suggests a Not To Do List. People who are first embarking on their social media or marketing journey, often become discouraged by todo lists that seemingly have no end. This can be intimidating, and as a counter to that, a Not To Do List can serve the purpose of keeping you mindful of the things that you should avoid during a typical, focused day.

Some ideas of items to include on this Not To Do List would be, avoiding getting bogged down in email, avoiding being distracted for long periods of time watching cat videos, or setting a limit to the number of non-action producing tasks throughout the day or the week. To help you prioritize your activities, you can ask yourself the question, what one activity can I do today that will make everything else easier?


Just like any good traveler will have a map, a seasoned social veteran should have a concept that keeps them from going off course. Some ideas for overarching concepts include: viewing your social media as an opportunity to delight and entertain, using the social venue for educating your audience, or viewing the medium of your choice as a platform for open discussions between customer and service provider.  Getting a peek behind the scenes can also often be an incentive for your potential customers to see what it is that your business does on a daily basis. It might not be that interesting to you because you do it every day, but just learning about things that you’ve never thought about can be interesting for others.


The general rule of thumb here is to be at least one year ahead of your competition, but never one year ahead of your market. If you do something that ends up being a bit too forward-thinking, you always have the opportunity to scale it back to fit the needs of your customers.

On the contrary, you shouldn’t be scared to do things a bit differently then you’ve done them in the past, to set yourself apart. Often times, your competitors are thinking along the same lines, but are too scared to act. Firmness in your destination, and flexibility in your path is a tenet to follow when it comes to actions and activities that will help lead to your business goals. When you see some pushback, it might not be a sign that things are going in the wrong direction, but rather an indication that you are on the right track.


Technology has changed and will continue to change by leaps and bounds, but it is the people who will always remain the same. Nimble businesses everywhere are making tweaks to aspects of their businesses everywhere you look, and no industry will be left untouched by the new codes under which our society operates.

Endless opportunities exist to recognize people and businesses who are doing tremendous things in and around your community. You could take the time to pat others the back for a job well done, or you could ride the momentum of events that your business has undergone, by engaging with your customers in new and creative ways. All this can be done while maintaining the integrity and reputation that you’ve crafted for so many years.

Ready to Go Social?!

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