7 Social Media Engagement Ideas For Your Funeral Home Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, funeral pro.

You might be wondering how you can work with the holiday season on your social media channels. 

If you are, you came to the perfect place. Today we’re going to share with you seven different ways to engage with your community on social media during the holidays.

Check out these 7 ideas below:


#1: Show off your holiday festiveness behind-the-scenes


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People love feeling like they get a “behind the scenes” look at your business from social media. It not only builds trust with them, but it also makes them feel more connected to your funeral home(s) or cemetery and your team. Try snapping some videos or photos of the small behind the scenes moments that happen during the holiday season, and watch how people connect to those small moments. 


#2: Share beautiful snippets of holiday-themed services


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If you’re preparing little bits and pieces of a holiday themed service and it feels like a beautiful thing to share, share it! Of course you’ll want to get consent from the family if it’s not a general aspect of the service you offer for families. But sharing these bits and pieces help people see that death can be beautiful, too. 

#3: Sprinkle in some holiday cheer

The holidays might be a tougher time for your client families, so use the holidays to bring some cheer into their lives. There are so many hilarious Holiday memes to check out and share with your families. You can even create your own with tools like Meme Generator. We offer you a funeral pro flavored holiday humor for inspiration!


#4: Give back to the community through social media

There’s nothing better than giving back during the holiday season to your local community. And why not share your good deeds online? That way, if others in the community would also like to contribute in some way, they can join you and feel inspired. We at funeralOne love to donate gifts to numerous families every year and we love to share the goodness we feel in our hearts with you all online! We invite you to try the same.


#5: Offer holiday themed grief support


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There’s nothing harder for someone who just lost a loved one than the holidays. Offer some grief support tips for the holidays for them that gives them hope and inspiration during this hard time. We love this example above, because it’s something that can be shared easily throughout the community. If you need some more ideas, you can borrow from one of our many ideas in this blog “29 Ways To Celebrate the Life of Someone After Their Gone”.


#6: Create a social media Holiday greeting card

In the digital age we live, a social media holiday card is the new normal. As new and strange as it might be, it’s a great way to reach families and community members you haven’t stayed in touch with in a while. That’s why we love social media – it gives you an opportunity to reconnect with folks simply by continuing to show up and spread cheer.


#7: Ask your families and community questions to engage them in conversations relevant to the holiday season 

One way to connect with your families and community during the holiday season is to prompt them with some questions to help them in their grief healing journey. For example, the post above asks about a family member they’d love to have coffee with. What other questions do you think your families could benefit from taking the time to answer? Bring up engagement and make your families feel cared for with these questions and invitations. 


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How are these ideas working for you at your funeral home? Give them a try and tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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