You Know You’re a Funeral Director When…

1. You’re either in funeral service because it’s your passion…



2. Or because it’s in the family business.

Rule Number One


3. But no matter how you got here, funeral service is your calling and you wouldn’t have it any other way.



4. Which means you probably already know that being a funeral director won’t make you rich (and you’re OK with it).



5. Your work day usually starts with a 3am removal call.



6. But that’s OK, because it won’t take you long to decide what to wear since you wear a suit, rain or shine.



7. Once you get to work, you remember how much you love bringing family and friends together to talk about their loved one’s life.



8. Why? Because no one can put on a “Celebration of Life” better than you can. Period.



9. Which is why you smiled the first time you heard that the “Boomers are coming”!



10. Yet the second someone says “direct cremation”, the fun is all over.



11. But you guess cremation is better than when a burial family insists that you “MAKE THIS FIT, AND DON’T YOU DARE CUT DOWN THE BACK”.



12. You’ll pull it off though. In fact, you’ve become pretty accustomed to saving the day, both at work and at home.

 Epic Cake Save


13. Yep. You’re a modern day hero. That’s why every priest, minister and clergymen  in your town knows your name.



14. You’re more interested in memorizing the features of your mid-range casket than any expensive car.



15. And if you hear the sound of “Amazing Grace” on bagpipes one more time, you swear you’ll go crazy.

funeral director song


16. You know there is NO such thing as making a mistake in this business.



17. After a long day in the prep room, your family often smells you before they see you.



18. Speaking of home… the boundary between your personal life and work life? Yea… that doesn’t exist.



19. When you do finally get a vacation, you’re usually the first one in bed. 

bridesmaids couch


20. But none of that stuff matters. Because when a family tells you “you’ve made this so much easier for us”, it is the greatest compliment of all. It’s why you do what do you do.



When did YOU know funeral service was your calling!? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Irritated

    <3 this lol

  2. Vickie Stephens

    When my son told us he thought he would become a Funeral Director, his Dad and I couldn’t imagine what we did WRONG! But then we see him in “action” and the love and appreciation from families and we know we did something very right. This occupation is a calling.

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  4. Pat Fahrenkrug

    I was that kid that the funeral director always found wandering around in the funeral home…….in the places the public wasn’t supposed to be……..looking behind doors I wasn’t supposed to…….walking down that dark hallway to see “what scary thing was down there……my parents were mortified when I told them I wanted to be a funeral director. But couldn’t be more proud today.

  5. Cortney Fouse-Harris

    very well said! and hilariously true 🙂

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  7. Adrian Pink

    This is great fun and so very true!!!!!!

  8. Krystal

    Thank you Adrian 🙂 We appreciate it!

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