7 Blogs Every Funeral Professional Should Be Reading

 It wasn’t until 2012 when blogging made a huge splash in the funeral profession.

But when it did, the most innovative funeral businesses jumped on the bandwagon. And now, nearly three years later, some of these funeral professionals have built their blogging empires up to reach nearly 20,000 funeral professionals around the globe. Some of these blogs have even been featured on big-time news channels such as NBC, CNN and TIME Magazine.

To show our appreciation for these hardworking bloggers in funeral service, we’re going to take this opportunity to showcase them! Without further adieu, here are our 7 favorite blogs in funeral service:

1. Connecting Directors

When Ryan Thogmartin launched Connecting Directors, the funeral profession changed forever. Connecting Directors is now the go-to for funeral professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the funeral profession. But it wasn’t easy for Ryan to grow Connecting Directors, and that’s why we admire him. His persistence, passion and ambition got him to where he is today, and it’s hard not to appreciate what he’s done for the funeral profession. 


2. Critical Thinking for Progressive Professionals

When we first met Alan Creedy at our Detroit office in 2012, we admired his wit. Not only can he make you laugh, but he can give you some truly game-changing advice about your funeral business. He shares his in-your-face, no BS approach to running a funeral home on his blog, Critical Thinking for Progressive Professionals – and it’s something every funeral professional could learn from.

One of his most monumental achievements is the research he conducted with the Funeral Service Foundation and Olson Zaltman titled “Why 99% of Funeral Facilities Reinforce Negative Stereotype”. His research is used today by just about every organization in our profession and has been featured on various blogs. Thanks to Alan, we know more about our families than ever before. 


3. Little Miss Funeral

Lauren Polanski is a 24-year-old who calls herself “an average girl working at your not so average job.” And it’s true. As a young funeral director at Lakeside Memorial Home, her blog captures the stories, trials and tribulations she faces on a day-to-day basis. We love Lauren’s blog because it’s a breath of fresh air in a profession that’s so focused on being… professional. Her words are ones you’d hear in a real conversation with her and her passion exudes in every line you read. One of her most powerful posts, titled “Another day in the life of a young female funeral director“ reads:

There’s no doubt about it. Lauren’s words are real, and they truly resonate with anyone in our profession. 


4. Confessions Of A Funeral Director

Caleb Wilde is a sixth generation funeral director that shares his stories of miracles, trials, and tribulations in his blog, Confessions Of A Funeral Director. His confessional writings will often leave you teary eyed, but his ability to tell a really damn good story is what keeps us reading every single one of his posts. Caleb’s story telling abilities aren’t being kept secret, either. He’s recently been featured on big name websites such as TIME, NBC News, Huffington Post and even ABC’s 20/20


5. Order Of The Good Death

If you’re looking for something sassy, thought provoking or purely entertaining, look no further than Caitlin Doughty’s website, Order Of The Good Death. Founded in 2011, Caitlin describes her website as “a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality”.

Caitlin’s equally killer (pun intended) brand, Ask A Mortician is a Youtube channel she uses to tackle some of the most interesting questions people have about death. Some of our favorite videos include “Is The Funeral Industry A Pyramid Scheme?” and “Audition Tape “Fabulous Funeral Females!“. We appreciate Caitlin because she’s not afraid to have fun with death or the topics surrounding it. In fact, she’s so funny, I spent a good hour watching her videos before finally deciding to write about them. If that doesn’t tell you how entertaining she is, I’m not sure what will.


6.The Learning Space

Lacy Robinson is an incredibly talented woman in funeral service that we’ve had a great relationship with over the years. Although she’s been writing O’Connor Mortuary’s blog for years now, she just recently launched her personal blog, The Learning Space.  The Learning Space offers “tips and tools to help funeral homes refocus and re-energize.” With a mix of guest blogs, videos, tips and inspirational messages, her blog is the perfect way to start your day. 


7. ASD Blog

What started as a simple mom-and-pop telephone answering service in 1972 is now one of the most trusted resources for more than 5,000 funeral homes around the country. ASD was one of the first companies in the funeral profession to embrace blogging and social media, which makes them innovators in our book. And we’re not the only ones who thinks ASD is a true innovator, either. In 2012, ASD won the NFDA Innovation Award for their mobile app, ASD Mobile. ASD’s blog is a definite must read for funeral professionals who are seeking tips for growing their business and supporting families.


Well, there you have it, our favorite blogs in funeral service! Did we miss any? Share them with us in the comments below!


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