Make Memorial Videos Even MORE Powerful With These 3 Features


If you are sharing memorial videos at your funeral home, then you know just how powerful and moving this single product can be when it comes to helping your families memorialize their loved ones. Sure, pictures can help to bring up old memories or help your families learn a little more about the life of their loved ones. But nothing really compares to stories and emotions that are brought to life with music, imagery and and video.

Think about it – when you go to see a really powerful movie, or are captured by a really intimate moment on a TV show, it’s not just the images on the screen, or the dialogue that is said that makes you feel that way. It’s the combination of everything. The music that leads you through the story and tells you how you’re supposed to feel; the beautiful imagery and backgrounds that help to set the scene; and, of course, the people on the screen that you relate to and listen to. By the end of it, you haven’t just watched a video. You had an experience. And that’s exactly what memorial videos can do for your families, too.

But don’t just let your families settle for a tribute video that is like everyone else’s. Give them the experience they deserve that will help them relive moments and stories with their loved ones. Here are three ways that Life Tributes can help to make your memorial videos even more powerful:

1. Upload family video

A lot of funeral professionals use memorial videos as a way to bring still pictures to life through a slideshow. But with Life Tributes, you can take the memory sharing one step further for your families and bring video to the screen as well! With our video uploading feature, your families can share important videos from their loved one’s life – graduation, their wedding day, that infamous toast at the last family Christmas party – that way, everyone at the funeral can relive some of their most special moments with the person they cared for so much… even if they weren’t there to witness them in real life. These videos are just one more way to inspire your families to relive stories and memories, which help to kick-off the healing process.

2. Add captions that tell a story

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words… but add a little context and story to that picture, and soon enough you have a conversation starter or a memory trigger for your families. This is why we have made sure to incorporate captions into our Life Tribute software. By including a simple line of text next to a loved one’s photos, you encourage your families to start remembering unique moments that they may not have thought of otherwise. For instance, a simple picture of Dad next to a truck becomes “Dad poses next to his first truck – a 1952 Ford F1, that he spent a year restoring with Grandpa Joe.” Suddenly, the moment comes back, and people recall stories of Dad painting the truck, or driving it for the first time. And you help the picture become a memory.

3. Share the video with out-of-town friends and family

Memorial tribute videos can be a really great healing tool for family and friends who are at the funeral and want to honor their loved one… but it can be even more powerful for those who were not able to make the service. Why? Because it allows them to join in on sharing memories and stories, and begin the healing process, even if they were not able to be there in person.

When you upload Life Tribute videos to a loved one’s social memorial page, family and friends from out of town can log online or on their mobile device to leave a comment and share their own memories about a particular video or photo that was shown. It’s a win-win, as the direct family will get to benefit from hearing a new story from someone who was impacted positively by their loved one, and it acts as an avenue for healing for the out-of-town friend or relative. They can even purchase a copy of the memorial tribute video themselves, right on your website! That way they can better remember their loved one for years to come (and it acts as a great additional product to sell for your funeral home).

To learn more about how you can use Life Tributes to create amazing, personalized videos for your families, click here and sign up for a 30-day free trial! Our simple to use software acts as a powerful product to help family and friends through the healing process, and it’s a one-of-a-kind gift from your funeral home to your families.

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