25 People Tell Us How They Want Their Life To Be Celebrated

Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about putting the “fun back in funerals”.And because of that,  many Baby Boomers and millennials are becoming increasingly interested in planning their end-of-life celebrations. Just do a search on Google, Twitter or Reddit and you’ll find hundreds of articles, threads, and tweets about how people envision their own […]

7 Tools To Help You Better Understand Your Families

One of the biggest weaknesses in funeral service, to me, is our lack of understanding of our customers.Sure, there is research out there, but surely not enough. And until we do start to invest more time and money into research, we’re going to continue missing the boat on some big opportunities for each of our […]

9 Elements You Should Remove From Your Funeral Home Website Today

Every once in a while, I like to do a “spot check” on how the funeral profession is doing online.This usually involves doing a Google search for “funeral homes [insert city/state]” and clicking on every result I see on the first page. I like to see how many funeral homes have a professional website presence, […]

The 19 Most Memorable Last Words Of All Time

What would be your last words if knew it was your time to pass away?Being in the funeral profession, I can’t help but think about the topic.And as it turns out, many people – famous or not – have uttered some pretty epic last words on their deathbed. Some of them are funny, some sad, some […]

The Ultimate Who, What, When Where And How Guide To Funeral Social Media

Creating a great funeral social media strategy can be a challenge.That’s because there are so many different elements you need to consider. Whether you’re talking choosing the right social media sites, creating content or getting the timing right, there are a lot of moving parts.That’s why we’ve provided this comprehensive guide to the basics of […]

5 Mistakes I Made Running My Funeral Home (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Who knew that this blog post would be such an exercise in self-reflection?  It’s weird to calm my brain down for a few minutes and pause to think about mistakes and mis-steps I’ve made since the inception of my business, Grace Funeral & Cremation Services,  in June of 2009.  I spend so much time in […]

5 Reasons Your Funeral Home’s Website Design Is More Important Than You Think

The other day I read that 75% of families who visit a funeral home website to learn more about them don’t actually end up contacting the firm.Let’s take a minute to think about this stat.That means that only one out of every four people who visit your website end up finding what they’re looking for. […]

How To Foster Innovation At Your Funeral Home

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when myself and the funeralOne team get together to toss around our wildest ideas for a new project. When the passion begins to flow, we know we’re truly on to something great. After all, new ideas are usually what spark innovation, passion and collaboration in a […]

5 Myths Of Funeral Personalization Debunked

Funeral personalization is a hot topic. It’s generated buzz in just about every news outlet there is. And let’s just say it’s got the attention of more and more funeral homes who are on a mission to put the “fun” back in funerals.But like anything with real heat, it’s gotten a bit distorted. Somewhere in […]

27 Easy Funeral Marketing Ideas You Can Put Into Action Today

Last summer, we published a post questioning the quality of marketing in the funeral industry.It stirred up so much dust that it inspired a series of blog posts from some of the thought leaders in our industry such as Connecting Directors and Caleb Wilde.To help put an end to funeral marketing shame, we want to […]