6 Things Funeral Directors Are Dying To Tell You (But Never Will)

I have to admit, when I first entered the funeral service world three years ago, I was a little weary of funeral directors.After all, everything I read and saw about them shined a negative light on them. But after spending the last three years getting to know them personally, I can easily say that funeral […]

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Funeral Service Edition)

Every funeral director in Funeralville liked celebrating life a lot…But the Funeral Grinch, who had been in Funeralville for too long, did NOT!The Funeral Grinch hated planning celebrations! The whole funeral service!Now, please don’t ask why. No one asks because they’re too nervous.It could be his commissions weren’t adding up just right.It could be, perhaps, […]

10 Secrets From The Best Funeral Homes On Social Media

Do you know how valuable social media really is to your funeral home’s brand?It wasn’t until 2012 when funeral homes started to finally realize how valuable it can really be. In fact, 52% of brands say social media is the top driver for relationship building/ brand engagement. That’s twice more effective than email, and quadruple […]

5 Personalization Hacks for Better Funerals

There isn’t a day that passes where I see an article on “life hacks” that I’m not tempted to click on. After all, we live in a fast-paced world where everyone’s trying to find time to do more and make their life a little bit easier.For all the life hack articles I see out there, […]

Value Vs. Price: What’s More Important to Your Families?

A few years ago, this controversial video made its rounds on the Internet: In the video, innocent diners at one of California’s finest restaurants were tricked into purchasing $7 bottles of water that they believed came from the finest glaciers, valleys and rainforests in the world, containing antioxidants and other vitamins that were “good for […]

These 17 Photos Show How Much Funeral Service Has Changed In The Last 150 Years

Funeral service has been around for a long time. And by long time, I mean since humans have been inhabiting Earth.In fact, researchers have found burial grounds of Neanderthal men dating all the way back to 60,000 BC. Back then, funeral ceremonies consisted of decorating the bodies with flowers and antlers. Tens of thousands of […]

Why Increasing Your Pre-Need Leads Is Easier Than You Think

Imagine this: Your funeral home creates a flawless, stupidly simple way for families to research, browse and even plan their funeral, right from your website. The solution you create is so simple that families don’t even need to pick up the phone to call you. Everything they need to know is right there for them.I […]

11 Reasons We’re Thankful To Be In The Funeral Profession

Thanksgiving has always been one of the most important, meaningful events of the holiday season. Sure, Halloween is a fun day to get dressed up in spooky clothes and tell haunted tales, and all of the winter festivities throughout December really bring out the holiday spirit.However, Thanksgiving is the one day throughout all of the […]

14 Companies Leading The Way In End-Of-Life Care

Death is the only guaranteed thing in life, yet it’s the only thing we don’t adequately plan for. As a funeral professional, I’m sure this idea creates a lot of frustration for you. After all, you are the person families seek out to remember their loved one, regardless if any plans or wishes were documented.If […]

5 Funeral Surprises That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Have you ever been a part of a funeral surprise?By funeral surprise – I mean a miracle, an act of kindness, or something shocking that you just can’t let go of because it was that amazing. These are very rare occurrences when it comes to funerals, but when they happen, it’s something to celebrate in […]