Has Funeral Home Marketing Lost Its Way?

Without hesitation, the answer to that question is yes. The truth is, some funeral home marketing has gotten so bad that if you search for “worst funeral advertisement,” you’re going to get 2.6 MILLION results (and I must say, some of the results are quite interesting to say the least)!     Even if you […]

13 Huge Mistakes Your Funeral Home Is Making On Social Media

The other day, I dove into some research for a blog I was putting together titled “X Firms Who Are Rocking Funeral Social Media.” During my research, I saw the good, the bad and the (really) ugly. Unfortunately, I saw so much of the “ugly” that I decided to change the entire topic of my […]

ICCFA 2013: Social Media May be Meaningless

“Social media is like teenage sex… everybody wants to do it, but nobody knows how. And when it’s over, you wonder why it wasn’t better.” That’s how Ryan Thogmartin, founder of DISRUPT Media Group and Connecting Director’s, described social media during his presentation “Social Media May Be Meaningless” at ICCFA today. Ryan’s case was pretty […]

8 No-Brainer Reasons Why Your Funeral Home Should Be on Facebook

Is your funeral home thinking about entering the world of social media? If you are, then here’s my first tip for you: get on Facebook! Why should Facebook be your top choice? For starters, it’s the largest social network in the world. 93% of adults in the U.S. who use the Internet are on Facebook. […]

Why We Shouldn’t Use Facebook to Memorialize Our Loved Ones

On October 10th, 2012, tenth-grader Amanda Todd posted a video on Youtube telling her audience about her experience being bullied and terrorized both online and in-person for the last few years. Here are some photos from her hearbreaking video: (click on either of the images below to view the video)     Sadly, just a […]

11 Top-Secret Google Searching Tips and Tricks

  If you’ve ever seen me perusing Google in my office at funeralOne, you’d probably notice that I have about 500 web pages open and I  tend to click through them faster than your eyes can keep up with. Almost every time someone witnesses that, their first question is usually something along the lines of […]

7 Reasons Your Funeral Home Needs to Start Blogging, Now.

  I recently received an email from a funeral director who was interested in blogging for his funeral home:   “Hi Joe, I am looking into blogging on our funeral home website. I have looked at a few online, some are really good, but some aren’t. I was told to keep it 500 words or […]

7 Things Killing Your Funeral Home Website (And What to do About It)

  Have you ever been to a funeral home website that looks like it was designed by a next-door-neighbor instead of a web design company? Or even worse, has your own site not been updated since Y2K? Unfortunately, a lot of funeral home websites fall into this category. Usually, these sites will have small fonts, […]

What Ryan Thogmartin Can Teach You About Funeral Social Media

Ryan Thogmartin, founder of DISRUPT Media Group and Connecting Directors, isn’t just your average “funeral guy”. He doesn’t believe in suits, loves social media and technology. In fact, he rounded up a group of like-minded people … and created the largest online community in the funeral profession today. Ryan didn’t build his social empire overnight, but […]

28 Eye-Popping Stats that Reveal the Future of Funeral Marketing

“…the Internet has turned what used to be a controlled, one-way message into a real-time dialogue with millions.” – Fast Company The Decline of Traditional Marketing As the Baby Boomers continue to flock to the Internet, the marketing channels we’ve always used are becoming less effective and more irrelevant. The decline of traditional or “outbound” […]