The 5 Key Metrics To Measure The Success Of Your Funeral Home Website

Have you ever sat and wondered if your funeral home website is actually doing it’s job?

But… the idea of website metrics makes you cringe or want to run away?

If data isn’t really your thing, but you’re genuinely interested in how your funeral home website is performing, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve compiled some key metrics you want to take a look at to determine the success of your funeral home website. And as an added bonus, we made it as easy as pie to understand.

(wait… did someone say pie?!)

Here are 5 key metrics you want to consider when determining your funeral home website’s success… And what they actually mean:


Metric #1: Number of visitors

First things first. How many folks actually use your website? If no one is visiting your website, this could mean that your website’s design, functionality or SEO (search engine optimization) aren’t quite right (…and it might be time to consider redesigning your funeral home website with f1Connect). If you do get pretty stable, regular traffic to your site, that’s great! It means you offer a good enough reason for folks to visit your site, and that is a good benchmark to begin with. 

However, website traffic isn’t everything. If your website traffic is high, and your bounce rate is even higher, then there is a problem. See the next metric for a better explanation.

What this metric translates to: This metric points out the perceived value and benefits your website provides, as well as your marketing. A pretty website is great, but without marketing to point visitors to it, it’s sort of like a beautiful flower hiding in a closet at night.


Metric #2: Bounce Rate

This metric can generally be understood as “single page visits.” That means a visitor comes to your website, does not visit any other pages, and leaves. This could mean that the visitor did not find what they were looking for, and moved onto another website. To Google, a high bounce rate is a signal that the page does not have value, which in turn lowers its ranking on search engines.

What this metric translates to: A low bounce rate, so say around 35% or less, indicates people are finding what they’re looking for when they land on your funeral home website. A high bounce rate (50% or more) shows that people are NOT finding what they’re looking for.

Pro tip: It would be valuable, if you have a high bounce rate, to try and find out where your visitors head after they click “back: or “x” on your funeral home website. 


Metric #3: Average time on the page

This metric sounds just how it is… pretty simple concept. The more time a user spends on your page, it’s very likely that your content is engaging to them. This number can be deceptive, though, so it’s important to look at which pages have the highest “Avg time on page”. On our websites, we find people, on average, spend 90+ seconds on single pages on our site. 

What this metric translates to: This metric indicates that the content folks are consuming on your funeral home website is engaging. Engaging enough for people to stay on the page and not just click away.


Metric #4: Activities per tribute or obituary

One unique metric you won’t find on any other business blogs: activities per tribute page or obituary page. This metric is unique to the funeral industry, and specifically to funeralOne websites. It indicates the number of condolences, stories, photos, gifts, etc. an average obituary/tribute gets on your website. 

This is my personal favorite metric to share with clients of ours because it’s not just a number… its so much more. Knowing the value to your families having their loved one’s tributes filled with activities provides great comfort to them. And, it provides lasting value to your funeral home website as they will continue to return to it as time passes.

What this metric translates to: The emotional value and comfort your funeral home website provides to your families. This metric is incredibly unique to the funeral profession! The higher the amount of activities you have per tribute or obit, the more engaging your website is to your community and those supporting your families.


Metric #5: Activities per tribute or obituary

Since we’re diving into unique website metrics to the funeral profession, we might as well keep it going and dive a little deeper. Most funeral home websites out there have some form of a Sympathy Store. Your funeral home website is probably no exception. 

Essentially, this metric, which can be found on your f1Connect website analytics dashboard, tells you how many people, on average, send sympathy flowers or gifts when they land on a loved one’s tribute page (otherwise known as obit page). 

What this metric translates to: The obvious fact is that the more folks order from your Sympathy Store, the more revenue your funeral home website generates. However, this metric goes deeper than just numbers as well. A tribute page or obituary page that generates many orders on your Sympathy Store means that your funeral home website’s design and content is compelling your community to support your families. And that, my friend, is what a funeral home website is truly about.


How to access these metrics

To find these funeral home website success metrics, we suggest getting started with Google Analytics. This will give you incredibly valuable insights on your funeral home website. Plus, it’s a must-have if you’re doing any online advertising. Check out this guide to get started with Google Analytics.

To find the metrics unique to the funeral industry, simply track activity on your store and social memorial websites, or reach out to the support team of your funeral home website provider.


Remember… it’s not just about the numbers. 

Sure, a well performing funeral home website will have the numbers to show for itself. However, if you just got started in the online world, don’t fear if you don’t see amazing results immediately on a dashboard. I encourage you to speak with your families about your website as well. Ask them what they like about it, and if they have any suggestions. Take notes when you get positive feedback (and constructive criticism as well). Numbers are only a metric, but you truly know the value you offer your families through your website. 


Make the switch to f1Connect: If you’re looking for a funeral home website platform that delivers on value and metrics, look no further than f1Connect. Click here to speak with one of our Funeral Success Specialists or give us a call at 1-800-798-2575 to make the switch today.


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