Why Nobody’s Shopping On Your Funeral Ecommerce Store

Is your funeral eCommerce store not getting the amount of traffic or sales you hoped for?

There’s probably several really good reasons behind the problem that may be hard for you to see without putting a virtual magnifying glass up to your store. Thankfully, that’s what we’re going to do today so we can catch the problems – and find the solutions – to all of your funeral eCommerce problems.

The best part? Most of these issues that are keeping you from increasing your sales are easier to fix than you think. Read on to put your store to the test!

Problem #1:  No website traffic?

There’s only a few instances in your life when traffic is a good thing to have, and your funeral eCommerce store is one of them. No matter how amazing your products are or how pretty your website is, if you’re not using tactics like SEO, social media, mobile and social memorial websites to attract visitors to your store, you’re going to keep hearing crickets.

The solution: Without steady traffic coming in to your funeral eCommerce store, there are few opportunities for someone make a purchase. So how can you start attracting visitors? Here’s four tips to get you started:

Optimize your funeral eCommerce store so it ranks high on search engines by incorporating SEO tactics.
Get on social media –  it could boost your traffic up to 50 percent! Check out this article for ways to grow your social media following.
Start creating quality content that’s relevant to your funeral eCommerce store. Need help jump starting your content marketing efforts? Use this guide.
Tap into the power of your social memorial websites and encourage your visitors to show how much they care by sending flowers and gifts. This can be tricky if you don’t do it right – check out this blog for more help.

Still looking for more in-depth advice on how to increase your traffic? Here’s your go-to guide for increasing traffic to any website.

Problem #2: Bad design and usability?

Steve Jobs once famously said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” And he was right – your funeral eCommerce store might be designed with pretty patterns and colors, but is it designed for your users? In other words, does your store make it easy for anyone to make a purchase in a few easy steps?

The solution: Here are some common design and usability issues most funeral eCommerce stores have, and how to solve them:

The design is outdated and looks like it’s taking you on a blast from the past. To make sure your design is up-to-date, check out this article for design tips.
Users are taken to a different website when they click on the funeral eCommerce store (this can be confusing to a user and lead them to not trust your website). For more information on why this is a bad idea, and other ways you can improve your store, use this helpful resource.
The site is slow loading, which means it won’t pass the “Blink Test” (the first few seconds a user spends on a website, which are also the most important). Use this guide for help designing a website with usability in mind.
Poorly chosen colors/fonts that are hard to read. This article is the perfect resource for choosing colors and fonts that are sure to convert your visitors into buyers.
The store isn’t mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile devices (one-third of mobile visitors visit your website to make a purchase on your store). Here’s an article that shows the importance optimizing your website for mobile devices, and how to do it.

Problem #3: Not helpful?

When your website visitors are on your funeral eCommerce store, they expect you to be as helpful as possible when it comes to helping them find the right flowers or gifts. While you can’t physically be there to help them choose the perfect gift, you can build a website that’s just as helpful. When deciding how you can do that, ask yourself this: what questions would I have if I was purchasing flowers or gifts online? By putting yourself in your buyer’s shoes, you’ll end up finding out a lot of ways that you can improve your website to make it helpful for your visitors.

The solution: To make your funeral eCommerce store as helpful as possible, try Including some of these elements to help steer your visitors in the right direction:

In-depth product descriptions that offer up important details like delivery information, reviews, and even suggestions for how to use or give the product.
High-quality product photos that leave potential buyers with no questions or doubts on what they’re purchasing.
Address and service information so customers know when and where to send their gifts or flowers without having to dial up your funeral home.
–  An easy way to contact customer service or your funeral home, should your visitors have any questions about your products or store.

To learn about more ways you can make your funeral eCommerce store helpful for families, check out this article – it’s packed with tons of tips.

Problem 4: Not trustworthy?

Have you ever walked into a store or restaurant that didn’t have a sign, customers, or any reviews online? Chances are you probably walked out because you didn’t know if you could trust the place. Just like in-person, there are signs online that can cause a potential customers to believe they can’t trust your funeral eCommerce store. In fact, all of the problem-solving we mentioned above will be completely wasted if your potential customers have any doubt as to the trustworthiness of your website.

The solution: How can you create a store that assures customers they can trust you? Follow the tips below!

Display trust certificates, security badges and safety seals on the checkout pages of your eCommerce store. That way, they’ll know they are buying from a secure store that will protect their privacy, personal information and billing information shared during a transaction.
Incorporate a social sharing button that shows which popular your funeral eCommerce store items are favorites among past customers.
Encourage your customers to leave product reviews and testimonials so that you can display them prominently on your store.
Clearly display contact info such as your email address, physical address, telephone number on your page so potential buyers know they can reach you should they have questions.
Include prominent links to your terms and conditions, warranty, refund and privacy policy pages on your store. This ensures that every customer that buys from you knows you stand behind your products.


Increase your funeral eCommerce sales today

After reading this article, hopefully you’ve found at least one way you can improve your funeral eCommerce store so you can start attracting new visitors and converting them into customers. If you have any questions or would like to learn about our free Sympathy Store plugin, talk with one of our website specialists by clicking here or giving us a call at 800-798-2575, ext. 5 today.

Or, as always, feel free to share your thoughts or post any questions you have in our comments below!

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