How To Help Your Families Celebrate Life During the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s no secret that coronavirus has affected every single person on the planet in some way.

And of course, this brings with it an incredible number of challenges. But, the challenge that keeps me up at night is this:

How can we, as a profession, provide the same level of support to those who lose a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic?

This really hits me hard. The whole world is already shaken up by fear and anxiety of the unknown as we venture into this uncharted territory together…yet isolation leaves us feeling so alone.

If this isn’t enough, imagine adding the crippling grief of loss on top of that… and not being able to call on your support network for a shoulder to cry on or even a hug?!

This very thought really got our wheels spinning. So we decided to break down some of the biggest challenges we face in supporting families during the Coronavirus pandemic and some solutions available to you now. 


Challenge #1: Regulations banning groups from gathering make it nearly impossible to even have a funeral all together!

The solution: Funeral webcasting

Since 50.5% of people say the most important thing they want in a funeral is “a gathering of family and friends” (according to  an NFDA research study), this isn’t an element to be skipped at this time!

Funeral webcasting offers the perfect global network of support and space to share sweet moments in a time where leaving home just isn’t possible. With funeral webcasting, the family can stream a simple service, with your guidance, from the comfort of their own homes and invite all their friends and family around the world to join.

To read more about funeral webcasting, check out this article: Why Your Funeral Home Should FINALLY Embrace Webcasting

Which leads us to the next challenge…


Challenge #2: Quarantines raise safety concerns around meeting with families in-person

The solution: Zoom video conferencing software

We all know meeting with families in-person is the most ideal way to connect and build rapport during the most difficult time of their lives. But with COVID-19 safety concerns abound,  it’s not necessarily the safest idea to meet with families in-person now. 

Most of you may be using a simple phone call to work with families, but we encourage you to use a video conferencing platform such as Zoom for hosting arrangements with families. With the face-to-face connection, you’re likely to build more trust with them, and better explain all of the funeral service options you have for them during these challenging times. 

Get inspired:  10 Questions to Ask Families That Turn An Average Funeral Service Into A Unique Celebration

Click the image above to learn more about Zoom and download it.


Challenge #3: Fear and hysteria could affect the desire for families to explore any service options.

The solution: Your funeral home website

In a time of crisis, it’s hard to think about anything besides the absolutely essential in our lives. Unfortunately, many families don’t understand the value a ceremony or ritual offers for those during a time of loss… nor do they see them as essential.

Thankfully, you can use this challenge as an opportunity to let your funeral home website give families all the options and support they need, so that they can browse your resources on their own time. 

You can create a page on your funeral home website like the example by Greenwood Funeral Homes below, listing the services you have for your families during this time. Start simple, and customize as you go.

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Challenge #4: Missing the chance to share memories amongst a group as you would at a funeral service.

The solution: Social memorial websites

Usually the best part about a funeral service is the memories shared. But without a common space to come together and share these memories, how can we re-create this priceless experience? 

Through tribute walls, otherwise known as social memorial websites. Social memorial websites are essentially an online, living tribute to the loved one, complete with a “Facebookesque” social wall where the community can light a candle for the loved one, post videos, photos, share memories, and even purchase flowers and gifts for the family. 

With more time on people’s hands, they’ll be able to offer incredibly thoughtful and detailed shares on your families’ social memorial website, offering a deep level of support during this vulnerable time (like the example below). You can help families get the conversation started on their loved one’s wall by posting photos or even questions on the wall. 

Here are a few conversation starters to help you get started:

  • My favorite memory with “Jimmy” is…
  • The thing I remember “Jimmy” for the most is….
  • The funniest thing I remember about “Jimmy is”…
  • The biggest adventure I had with “Jimmy” was…
  • The most important lesson I learned from “Jimmy” was…
  • “Jimmy” was the best at…


Pro tip: Social memorial websites are a free integration with the f1Connect all-in-one website platform. Learn more about social memorial websites here.


Challenge #5: Social isolation could lead to difficulties in your families’ grief journeys

The solution: Virtual grief aftercare

During the grief journey of an individual, social isolation can feel overwhelming and even painful. And now, with all the safety guidelines encouraging isolation, how can you support your families through that? 

With an e-aftercare platform, you’re offering a wide spectrum of grief support, right from your funeral home website. Your families can come back to this super personalized service whenever they need. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re taken care of.

To start offering comprehensive grief aftercare: check out our all-in-one E-Aftercare service.


Need more COVID-19 support?

Want some more support during COVID-19? Check out our various initiatives to support funeral professionals during the coronavirus here.

How are you getting creative with meeting the challenges your funeral home faces with CO-VID? Tell us in the comments below!

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    We are currently offering drive thru visitations. We sign the guestbook for people coming thru and on the back of the memorial folder that we hand them we share our website address (in a little paragraph with explanation) for them to leave personal messages, pics etc…