21 Social Media Post Ideas Your Funeral Home Can Use Today

It can be challenging to constantly conjure up fresh and new ideas for content on your social channels.

But now that the #deathpositive movement has taken off, it seems that more and more people are open to learning more about death and dying.

So in reality, there is a sea of followers waiting to hear from you and hear your expertise on these trending topics.

And with this cheatsheet of 21 social media post ideas at your fingertips, you’ll never find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again.

Check out the ideas below to keep your social content everfresh:


1. Make a video

As of 2020, digital videos drive 82% of web traffic. Video may seem like the scariest post type, especially if you’re not a millennial.  But the truth is, creating a video is the #1 way for your followers to connect with you and get a sense for who you are. Another cool thing about video is that you can post it to multiple channels, and repurpose the content in written form to see which form does better.


2. Go live

Have you seen your social media friends go live on Facebook or Instagram before? Chances are you have joined in on one of these live videos, and maybe even took part in it with your comments and likes. This is because live videos on social channels get more visibility than any other form of content. Let’s also add that 4 out of 5 people would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog post, according to a survey done by Vimeo and New York Magazine.

Pro tip: You can now go live on all of the major social media platforms, here’s a guide on how.


3. Share on stories

In addition to your average post on social media, don’t forget about the power of sharing on your “Stories” which last for 24 hours. With over 400 million people using Stories daily, Stories have quickly become a favorite way to stay connected on social media. Stories tend to be a more up-close-and-personal way to peek into brands, so this is a great way to stay connected to your current followers.

New to Stories? Check out this 101 guide to get acquainted


4. Highlight an employee

One way to let your followers know who you are and what you’re about is to feature your employees. Share some fun and random facts about them, along with a photo. This is a great way to share light hearted and even humorous content with your followers. You may be a funeral professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect through the power of laughter!



5. Share big company news

Did you recently hire an intern? Win an award? Break a record? Are you hosting a new event? Partnering up with a local organization? Don’t forget to share this with your following! This humanizes your brand on social media and lets them know what you’re up to so they can get involved with you more, if they choose.


6. Show off your behind-the-scenes efforts

People love seeing what goes on behind the polished marketing of brands. They want to see your progress on projects, or learn more about what goes into the work you do.


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Jeff & Leslie Smith and their three kids Hayden aka future boss, Kaylee and Sawyer.

A post shared by Smith Family Funeral Homes (@smithfamilycares) on


7. Memes and GIFs

One of our favorite ways to engage with you all through social media is with GIFs and memes. GIFs and memes allow you to have a little fun and make someone’s day with laughter. This type of post has been one of the most successful for us over the years! 


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A little laugh for the low-key superheroes of the world… #funeral professionals!

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8. Inspirational quotes

Chances are most people who follow you on social media have faced a loss, or currently are. Why not help cheer them up by posting inspirational quotes on grief, life, celebrating life, and everything in between? This is a surefire way to know that your social media presence is uplifting someone, somewhere!

Pro tip: If you’re an f1Connect user, can even post your 365 days of affirmations as social media posts everyday. You can simply post them as text, or create a graphic with them via Canva.


9. Animations

Another way to bring your content to life on social media is to create an animation to go with it. By using a tool like Animoto you can create a simple animation with no prior experience. You can animate testimonials, statistics, or even tips for healing, celebrating life, or anything else related to your funeral business.


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It’s time to embrace the evolution 2020 has asked us to take on in the #funeralprofession ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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10. Encourage your followers to support families during these times

Now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, your families need as much support as possible. Link to the social memorial websites of your client families’ loved ones and encourage people to post and support the family facing the loss! This will help create a network of support they can’t exactly get in the flesh during times of isolation.


11. Educational posts

Let’s face it, if there is one thing people are uneducated about, it’s about all things death and dying. Until very recently, death was quite a taboo topic. But now with the great success of death cafes, many people are becoming more curious. Try coming up with some questions you get from families a lot, and create some posts to share the answers!


@deathbecomesherReply to @angelamcallister74 ##cremation ##burial ##funeralhome♬ original sound – Candice L

12. Show off your products

There are a lot of ways to show off your products and services on social media. The biggest thing to remember is that people don’t want to be marketed to. They want to hear the stories behind your products and services, or how people are using them. So instead of using your social profile as a product catalog, think of it as a platform for your potential families to see how your products and services can improve their lives.


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“Megan certainly experienced a full life during her short time with us. Growing up she tried soccer, dance, volleyball, golf, tennis, and horseback riding. Despite all that, did we mention her favorite sport was SHOPPING?! She had a keen eye and passion for fashion. Megan had a unique style that others admired and was a wish-list making master!⁠ ⁠ Megan was known for her caring, free-spirited personality. People were drawn to her even if they didn’t know her. She was loved by all who were fortunate enough to know her and will be greatly missed. When you think of Megan, please remember her smile that would light up a room, stunning eyes, unique style, and love of animals. Celebrate her in your memories and live life to the fullest.”⁠ ⁠ — Liz, Her Mother #RememberRemarkably⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Megan is remarkable. See Megan’s entire journey on her personal dedication page — Link in bio. 💙

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13. Re-post user generated content

With almost half of customers (48%) claiming that user-generated content is a great method for them to discover new products, this is a bandwagon we think you want to jump on! Your biggest fans are probably out there writing about their experiences with you on social media, so make sure you are listening on social for any mentions!



14. Previews and teasers

Your past and potential customers love being a part of the creation process of your products and services.  For example, as you’re putting together a tribute video, post a little teaser of it (with your client family’s permission of course). You’d be surprised how much engagement you’ll get with this!


15. Testimonials

People love to be in the spotlight! Especially if it’s about a great experience they had with your business. Your families would probably be honored if you asked them to write about or post a video about their experience with your funeral home. 


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When I work with younger people, I’ll usually give them my cell number so they can text me whenever they want. Texting is just so much less stressful and easier for those of us who grew up with cell phones, and it seems to be a comfort for the families when they know they can reach me via text anytime of the day. — This is a text exchange I had with a young mother who birthed stillborn twins. And I don’t share this to brag about my supposed sainthood in providing a free funeral to a bereaved mother. It’s the opposite really. Saintliness implies something extra good, or extra human, or god-like. This act was very much just basic, normal humanity. This is nothing exceptional. — Most funeral directors enter and stay in death care because we’ve experienced death and want to use our experience to help others who are experiencing the same. The best of us are grieving people helping grieving people. — Every funeral director I know heavily discounts, charges cost, or gives both services and goods for free when their “customer” is a child. It’s not a rule we were taught in funeral school. It’s not unspoken code. It’s just human. — And I guess I want you to know that death care workers are not saints, and unlike the many stereotypes, most of us aren’t sinners out to exploit the grieving public. We carry the same grief you do, and we know how far a little goodness and grace can go. So next time you see us in real life, or portrayed as a charlatan on TV, know that we’re neither saint or sinner. We’re very much like you . . . and just like you, when we see a grieving mother, we do what anyone would do by giving the best we can give. — #confessionsofafuneraldirector

A post shared by Caleb Wilde (@confessions_of_a_funeral_dir) on



16. Ask a question

One sure-fire way to get engagement from your followers is to ask a question. Before posting your question, ask yourself: is this relevant, inviting, interesting, or helpful for your followers If yes, go ahead and post it! You can via a post, on your Stories, or even as a video. 



17. Invite your followers to an event

Of course if you’re hosting an event, you’ll want some attendees. And since most events are virtual these days, it only makes sense to invite folks online! Even if you aren’t hosting the event online, it’s good to post about your event anyways. This lets your followers know how you’re showing up for your community, and even inspire your colleagues to “up” their game and do the same.


18. Interview an industry expert

Whether you bring on an industry expert, or you snag an interview yourself, interviews are a great way to increase your reach online. By participating in an interview, you’re able to access the audience of the interviewee/interviewer and share your expertise.



19. Debunk common misconceptions

One of the most refreshing things you can do for the funeral industry’s reputation as a whole is start debunking myths and misconceptions about the industry. Everyone knows the funeral industry has historically had a bad rep. So let’s do our part to dismantle it! 


20. Feature local businesses and artists

A great way to be generous and create connections on social media is to feature your favorite local businesses and artists. Whether it’s your local florist, an artist, a Death Doula, or your favorite restaurant  who caters  your services, give them a shout out! Share information about events related to your business as well, and know when you eventually host your events, you’ll have connections who would be happy to help you spread the word.


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Shana has created space for me to commune with my ancestors on another plane a several times. The container of sound that she creates is responsive and holy. Holy in the sense of experiencing your whole self in a divine space. @connectwithshana leads public sound baths once on the third Sunday of the month, and she also does private sessions which I can personally recommend as they were seminal in the early part of my grief journey. I’m utterly delighted that she will be leading Grief: Your Way participants on a special journey via the sound of crystal singing bowls and other instruments in the very first session. Come, be restored, gather tools for a deeper dive into your grief journey. Link in bio.

A post shared by Oceana Sawyer (@oceanaendoflifedoula) on



21. Book recommendations

What books flipped your world on the topic of death? What books are you reading on death-related topics that you think your followers would find interesting? Share your favorite books, and encourage your followers to educate themselves on death and dying.


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Got any other ideas for posting on social media, funeral pro? Share them in the comments below!

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