8 Important & Powerful Lessons COVID-19 Has Taught Us (So Far)

Ah, the era of COVID-19.

A time in our lives we could have never predicted.

A crisis that has changed it all.

And as we move through this pandemic, we, as resilient and adaptable beings, have amazing lessons to learn.

Here are 8 things we’ve learned from the coronavirus pandemic, and how we can use these lessons to improve our lives:


1. We (really) needed to make some big changes.

One of the positive things about crises is that they truly offer us that space to drastically change the course we’re on. While these changes don’t feel fun now, there is a “new normal” that wants to happen. And whether we like it or not, we will all have a chance to meet it with a refreshed vision of our profession (and world).

Take action: Write out in your journal what your desire for the “New Normal” is, both in the funeral profession and in your life. 



2. Connection is more important than we think.

Who knew how important the simple act of a smile from a stranger was in our everyday lives? Or a hug from a friend? Even a high five from an employee or co-worker ? These small ways we connect to each other throughout our days have been sacrificed, and in their absence, I wish for us to recognize how vital they are to our wellbeing. 

Take action: Reach out to 3 friends who you haven’t talked to in a while, just to let them know you’re thinking of them. 



3. Technology has the potential to greatly improve our lives

Throughout this virus, we’ve really seen the ways in which technology helps us to connect with our client families, communities, friends & family in new ways. Whether it’s funeral webcasting, Zoom grief meetings, or using social media to stay connected, technology truly can be an ally. 

Take action: Try a new way of connecting with your families & community via technology today.



4. Routine is kind of a big deal.

Whether it’s a morning routine, a meditation practice, or a daily schedule, it’s these tiny structures we create that make our lives just a bit more predictable. Without them, we can get lost. Easily. Which could be why mental health is plummeting in our country. 

Take action: Reflect for a moment on the routines you’ve kept during this time of disruption as well as those you’ve left behind and create a simple Start, Stop, Keep list. What routines should you start? What routines should you stop? What routines should you keep?



5. So is movement.

I don’t know about you, but since my home has become my new workplace, restaurant, shopping mall, park, coffee shop & dry cleaners, I don’t get around much. And that’s a problem for our bodies. Movement isn’t just something that we “should do”, it’s a HUGE piece of our physical & emotional well being! Especially if you work in our profession. Exercising has been known to help us process some of the tough emotions funeral professionals deal with on a daily basis.

Take action: Try moving for 20 minutes daily, whether it’s walking, running, lifting weights, or even dancing to your favorite tunes!



6. The power lies in the present moment.

While we all really love the idea of certainty and security, the truth is that the only thing certain and secure in life is… well, death. And that’s why it’s so important to embrace NOW. To love it, be grateful for it, cherish it, and to squeeze every drop out of it.

Take action: Think of 3 things you’re grateful for… right now.



7. Success isn’t what we thought it was.

Many people have come to view success as money in the bank. But now? Success is changing. When the world hits a crisis, we must change the way we define our success. Now, success might look like being an anchor of support in your community, or positively impacting the world. Sure, these versions of success might not always pay the bills, but they sure do create opportunities for more love, more connection, and more community. 

Take action: Ask yourself, what is your personal definition of success?



8. Gratitude is the greatest form of support.

As much as we appreciate our delivery people, nurses and medical doctors, we appreciate YOU, funeral professionals. We see you as being a selfless supporter to those in need, and getting little to no recognition for it. And so please allow us to say… thank you. 

Take action: Tell a fellow funeral pro you know “thank you for what you do” today using the hashtag #FuneralHeroes


What lessons have you learned from COVID-19? Tell us in the comments below

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